Best Times Indians Should Plan To Visit Vietnam

The intriguing history, alluring landscapes, delicious food, and the vibrant birr of Vietnam will trigger your senses and pull you towards it from all the angles. Having the feel of not wanting to leave the country is what Vietnam makes you feel all the time you are staying in this beautiful country. The crowds in Hanoi, the vast rice fields, sparkling water, coffee, and the friendly locals, Vietnam has everything for every kind of traveller.

The Indians nationals can easily travel to this beautiful country as the visa on arrival has made their entry very simple. But before you plan to visit the stunning beaches, the shrines, lush green mountains, and rural villages of Vietnam, you should know the best times to visit Vietnam. This is a guide for the Indians who are increasingly planning to visit Vietnam. Like India, Vietnam also experiences the four beautiful seasons. You can visit it any time of the year, but the best times to make your visit joyous yet free of fatigue are listed below.


Vietnam’s climate is hot overall, but being an Indian, you should prefer going on temperate weather that is winter. Travelling to Vietnam in winter will let you experience the Vietnamese New Year and Tet, which are the biggest celebrations of the whole year. This time is not only useful in terms of weather, but you can also enjoy trekking and seeing the sights in the mild climate. You can also pack your bikini to have a joyous time at the Phu Quoc beach. If you wish to visit the world’s largest cave, Son Doong, which is a must, you should pack your warm clothes and be here in these times from December to February. The southern part of Vietnam can also be visited in the winters to explore cities such as Ho Chi Minh. You can also try here the water activities at this time as the temperature is good enough to enjoy.


The most consistent weather to visit the whole of Vietnam in summer. The sky in summer is open for tremendous downpours, so you should prepare your backpacks with some raincoats and umbrellas. The tourists are crowded in Vietnam at this time so you should book everything in advance to beat the rush. Don’t let the rainy season deter your visit as this is the best time for you to explore the serenity of this country. For a relaxing sunbathe, you can hit the beaches near Hoi An, Lang Co, and Da Nang. You can also experience the celebrations of the rise of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam as the national day on September 2nd.


The time during the months from March to April is the Spring season in Vietnam. The weather is warm and dry in the northern part of Vietnam, which means it is an excellent time for you to plan your visit to Vietnam. The gorgeous sunny skies with ultra-lightweight ponchos will make your trip smooth and relaxing. You can visit the towns to experience the parades held on the International Labor Day celebrations. You can also have fun on the Saigon Liberation Day celebrated nationwide on April 30th. This is the ideal time for boat tours while stopping at the Cat Ba Island. Central Vietnam entices with sunshine and blue skies, so a trip to the Hoi An and highland experiences will be exciting during this time.


During the autumn season, the possibility of trekking opens up, and you can visit the Sa Pa for the thrill-seeking experience. The outdoor activities are the best option in October. You can plan a trip to the picturesque Valley of Mai Chau famous for its golden rice fields. You can also visit the white Thai villages at this time. The festival of Son Buffalo Fighting also takes place in the mid of September. You can experience this adrenaline triggering event. If you are en route with your kids, then you can also see the mid-autumn festival to dance with your family and have the mouth-watering sweets offered at this festival.


Visiting Vietnam in the time when its festivals are also on the run is the wisest thing to do. To experience the culture of Vietnam, you should plan your visit accordingly. Below are the festivals you should never miss.


Every month this festival is celebrated during the full moon. The floating lanterns at 8p will steal your heart away. The quaint view is something you should never miss at all.


In late January and early February, this festival takes place. It marks the Vietnamese new year and the arrival of spring. The colourful streets with stalls of food and souvenirs will make you fall in love with Vietnam.


On September 15th, the mid-autumn festival is celebrated. The mooncakes eaten at this festival are delicious. This festival originates to 20,000 years ago, and family relationships are celebrated in this festival. You should plan your trip in a way you don’t miss this festival at all.

Vietnam is a fascinating country that should overall be on your bucket list. Still, the times mentioned in this article will add colours to your trip. Plan your trip wisely the enjoy your stay in Vietnam.

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