A Quick Guide to Extension and Renewal of Vietnam Visa for Indians.

The Indian travelers visiting Vietnam may stay there for one month or three months, depending on the tour they are taking. If it is a tourist visa, the chances are they will remain for one month. Still, business visa applicants usually extend their stay to three months. The travelers or expats, under various circumstances, may get themselves in a situation where they have to either extend their visas or apply for the renewal of their Vietnam visa. In either way, this article is a walkthrough to the guide to extend the visa, renew the visa topped up with useful tips for Indian nationals.

Vietnam Visa Extension For Indians:

Visa extension for Indians can be done in two ways:


The visa run to the border is the simplest way to get the visa extended for Indian travelers or expats. It involves the traveler to exit Vietnam by land or air and get their visa extended. Indian travelers can easily cross the border, go to Cambodia or Laos, and apply for a visa invitation letter in the country you are residing currently in. It is the cheapest and easiest way to extend the visa.


The second way to extend the visa is extending without leaving Vietnam. If your stay is less than six months. You can easily extend your visa for a single entry only. You get an extension stamp on your passport, and then you can stretch further for a maximum of two times.

The process of applying to extend your visa is as follows:

1: ready the extension application together with your passport,

2: locate the immigration offices such as in Hanoi, Da Nang, or Ho Chi Minh City.

3: handover the documents as mentioned earlier to the immigration office

4: wait for five business days for the extension of your visa. It takes 5 to 7 business days for a one-month extension and ten working days for a visa extension of three months

There you are staying more days in the beautiful country to experience the culture and food.

Vietnam Visa Renewal For Indians: 

Visa renewal is done when the traveler wants to re-enter Vietnam. The type of visa that gets renewed is a single or multiple entry visas. Thought the process to renew the visa is the same as visa extension. Still, with visa renewal, you will get a new page sticker on your passport with its new duration. The renewal fee is higher than the extension fee because of the stamping and sticker fee that is issued new to you.

The visa renewal is for the traveler who:

1: Entered visa with the exemption of visa

2: Has a current visa with no correspondence to the staying extending criteria. For example, if you want to upgrade the visa status from one month’s stay to three months’ stay, then you have to apply to renew three-month single or multiple entries. Even if you require multiple entries, then you are asked to renew your visa status.


The visa extension documents for business visa and tourist visa differs.

You can prepare the documents according to the renewal visa you are applying to.

The documents for business visa extension/renewal:

1: Companies legal entity files

2: Original passport

3: A valid Vietnam visa

4: Visa extension form signed by the company’s legal representative

5: Proof of residence that contains the current address of the stay in Vietnam

The visa extension/renewal documents for a tourist visa:

1: The original passport

2: A valid Vietnam visa

3: Port of the entry name

4: Your current address in Vietnam

Once you send these documents to the online travel agent or the agent at the immigration office, you will be asked to pay for the fee according to the process you are applying. Remember, visa extension charges less than the visa renewal. The whole process may take five days if you are a business visa applicant and ten days if you are a tourist visa applicant.

What if you overstayed in the country:

If you stay more than the validity of your visa, you will have to pay to types of penalties. These penalties are for overstaying or fees of exit.

If you stay less than three days after the invalidity of the visa, then you can go to the airport and get the exit visa directly.

If you have stayed for more than three days in the country, you will pay the penalty of US$25 per day. It means every day you are overstaying; you will pay $25.

If you wish to stay and not leave Vietnam, then you have to pay the penalty fee and apply for the visa extension.

Remember overstaying is a great offense to the Vietnam government, so the more you overstay more, you will be in deep trouble.

Vietnam is an attractive country, and sometimes a month or two may be less to enjoy this beautiful place. But if you desire to stay more, you should follow the steps mentioned in the article to get through the process smoothly. The whole process of visa extension and visa renewal is very easy and straightforward for Indian travelers. Al you need to do is keep the documents ready and apply for it before the expiration of your visit visa.

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