Travelling To Vietnam And Details About Tourist Visa

Travelling to different places that are not yet explored by you is the best means to keep your life rejuvenated and expose yourself to a new set of challenges. It helps in boosting self-confidence and brimming yourself with the ability to overcome every obstacle in life.

When you set foot in a new land, you are exposed to raw experience that helps you in growing mature and stronger. There are a lot of places in the world that are best for travelling alone, gain new experience and come back with a bagful of memories.

Gracefully situated in the easternmost corner of the Indochina peninsula, Vietnam is a great place to start your expedition. Brimmed with exotic beaches and panoramic ridges, Vietnam has emerged as a hot spot for tourists. Once you have acquired the Vietnam visa to enter the country legally, you can relish the beauty of this place to the most.

If you are visiting Vietnam for the purpose of travelling, you would need to acquire the Vietnam tourist visa by following all the proper guidelines of the Vietnamese government. Let’s learn more about tourist visa and ways to acquire it seamlessly.

To make the process further easy, the Vietnamese government has made the guidelines less strict for foreigners that encourage more and more people to visit this enchanting Indochina peninsula.

What is Vietnam Visa?

Vietnam visa is a legal document that is required to clear the immigration process for foreign travellers. Depending on the purpose, different visas are provided to visitors. A tourist visa is issued for those who intend to visit the country for travelling. The typical tenure of a tourist visa is 15-30 days that can be extended after entering the country. You can also apply for a 3-month tourist visa as well if you think your vacation is going to be lengthy. The procedure for extending a visa is similar to the application procedure.

Tourist Visa Requirements

There are several imperative things that you would need to apply for the Vietnam tourist visa. Carefully read the items required for applying in order to avoid any last-minute hustle.

  • Your original passport that must be valid for at least six months from the desired date of arrival. A temporary passport is not acceptable, and you would need to either make it permanent or apply for a new one before applying.
  • Your passport must have at least two blank pages left for stamping process. Stamping would not be possible if you have less than one page left in your passport. So make sure to leave space or add additional leaves to the passport.
  • Your two passport-sized photos (4 x 6 cm).
  • Personal verification documents to verify your identity. This can include your driving license, personal identification card, certificates, etc.

How To Apply For Tourist Visa?

There are multiple ways to apply for a Vietnam tourist visa; you just need to figure out what will suit your preferences. The Vietnamese government has streamlined the procedures for acquiring a visa. Following are the common ways of applying for a tourist visa:-

  • Apply For visa-on-arrival

For visa-on-arrival, you would need to fill an application form, either through an online portal (registered by Vietnam government) or seek assistance from an agent. Fill the form with all the necessary details ranging from your personal information to the expected date of arrival and departure. Once your form is filled, an approval letter will be sent to your mail ID. Take a print out of the letter and bring it along with other documents for verification at the Vietnam airport. The immigration officers will verify everything and issue a visa-on-arrival. This visa is only provided to those tourists who arrive by air, and cross border arrivals are not granted visa-on-arrival.

  • Apply For an e-Visa

The procedures of e-visa are quite similar to visa-on-arrival. The only difference is that you would receive a visa before leaving your country. For an e-visa, you would need to fill up an online form or locate a registered agent who can do the needful. Carefully fill with the form with all the important details such as personal information, the purpose of visit, date of arrival, etc. Once your application is filled it will be processed, and within 3-4 business days you will receive an e-visa.

Vietnam is a beautiful country to explore once in your lifetime. Imbibing the cultural grace and historical significance, Vietnam never fails to attract tourists from every corner of the world. Acquiring a Vietnam tourist visa is important to enter the country for sightseeing. There are different criterions to fulfil in order to acquire a tourist visa. Vietnamese government provides both e-visa and visa-on-arrival for tourists.

The above mentioned were some of the important factors regarding Vietnam tourist visa that you need to be acquainted with. Follow the appropriate guidelines to acquire a tourist visa and enjoy the exotic beauty of this place.

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