Reasons You Should Pack Your Bag And Head To Vietnam

Travelling is a way of living. Getting yourself a holiday once in a while is important to keep your life sane and rejuvenated. Whether it is an adventurous getaway or a family trip to an exotic place, planning a vacation to a new location at least once in a year is essential for your physical and mental peace.

When it comes to searching for the ideal place to travel, there are plenty of names that sprout in our mind. If you are looking to travel to a foreign country and explore new culture and ecosystem, then Vietnam is one name that you must take into consideration.

Brimmed with natural beauty, historical magnificence and cultural vivacity, Vietnam is a treasure trove for travellers across the globe. Situated at the easternmost corner of the Indochina peninsula, Vietnam has emerged as a popular tourist destination over a past few years. While not topping the list of “must-see” places in the world every time, Vietnam holds its own charm that lures tourists from across the globe every year.

If you are considering Vietnam as your next travel destination, then here are a few more reasons that will help you make a decision.

Alluring Nature

Vietnam is a galore of unaltered beauty. Encompassing a variety of natural landscapes within one country, Vietnam never fails to attract visitors. The towering mountains ranges in the north around Sapa are among the major natural attraction of the place. Lined with lush forests, lakes and terraced with the field of rice, the mountain ranges become an alluring sight for visitors. Vietnam has a lot in store for you that include housing the biggest natural caves in the world, i.e., Dong Hoi. Also, there are some stunning national parks, natural rock slides, waterfalls, beaches, lakes, etc. The Phu island of Vietnam also has a national park surrounded by crystal clear ocean waters.

Vivid Culture

Among the bustling tourist industry, the sacred culture of Vietnam has been kept intact. You can find the richness of Vietnamese culture in every nook and cranny of the Vietnam streets. The countryside of Vietnam is still filled with farmers, artisans, and workmen, who remain the backbone of the city. Streets are brimmed with local food stalls, and home-brewed beer for visitors to relish in the cultural cuisine. With just a Vietnam visa for 30 days, you can experience the unparalleled cultural magnificence of this place. At Vietnam, you can also witness European architecture, extensive café culture and local people meeting up with enthusiasm and grace.

Vietnam Visa on Arrival

Acquiring a visa is the most frustrating element of travelling to abroad countries. Thankfully, the Vietnamese government has streamlined the visa procedures for the travellers. You can avail Vietnam visa in a few simple steps that minimize your hassle to travel. Furthermore, Vietnam also provides visa on arrival for travellers coming by flight. In order to acquire the visa, you first need to fill up an online form for visa application. You can also seek assistance from an agency as well. Once your visa has been approved, you will receive an approval letter by mail which you would have to bring to the Vietnam airport. After checking all your documents and verifying its authenticity, the officials will give you visa on arrival.

Exhilarating Activities 

When you are in Vietnam, you don’t have to worry about “What to do next?” Apart from the serene beaches and luscious mountains, Vietnam will serve you an arena for exciting activities. At Sapa, a traditional village, you can go shopping and trekking. Swim in the clear waters of Ha Long Bay and trek deep into Dong Hoi when you visit Vietnam. The most famous beach of Vietnam Nha Trang is also popular for scuba diving, snorkelling, and windsurfing. Phu Quoc is famous for their canyoning and motorbiking tours. There are endless opportunities for exhilarating activities in Vietnam.

Iconic History

Vietnam history is another major attraction of this place. The streets of Vietnam offer glimpses of the Vietnam War and other historical events. War museum and imperial palace are sure to take you back in the past with their amazing historic collection. Old warplanes are scattered around the city and Cu Chi tunnel to give you an insight into what the war actually looked like. The final resting place of Ho Chi Minh in Hanoi is among the popular historical attraction of Vietnam.

Vietnam is undoubtedly an exotic place that you must not miss to visit once in your lifetime. Whether it is scenic nature, intriguing history, vivid culture, scrumptious food, or affordability, Vietnam is the best place to visit in every sense. As the Vietnamese government has streamlined the hassle of acquiring a visa and offer visa on arrival, it has become easier for travellers to visit Vietnam every year. So, don’t wait any longer, apply for your Vietnam visa today and start making your itinerary. Vietnam is waiting for you!