3 Below Luxury Resorts With Very Nice Views Will Definitely Make Your Trip Extremely Amazing And Memorable In Phu Quoc Island 

Coming to Vietnam, it would be a shortcoming without visiting Phu Quoc island. This place is not only known as a jewel of Vietnam tourism, but also a place where you can take your time to relax in peace of many beautiful beaches as well as enjoy the great services of luxury resorts. Therefore, in order to make your trip memorable, choosing a good place to stay is one of the most important steps while coming to this island. Let’s see 3 below luxury resorts with very nice views and great services to know where to stay and enjoy your trip to the best: 

1. Dusit Princess Moonrise Beach Resort 

One of the most common places which has extremely professional services is “Dusit Princess Moonrise Beach Resort”. Staying here, there is no word to describe how amazing it is. You can just enjoy everything here to the fullest and keep it in your heart.

The first impressive thing in this resort is probably the swimming pool where many visitors desire to take their time to relax. From here, you will easily see the beach view at the front. In addition, it would be great to have some drinks and feel it with your friends right here.

Especially, it would be probably an extremely romantic place for couples who desire to make their vacation so memorable. Look at the photo as above, you will be probably diving into the paradise – so romantic and peaceful. Having someone by your side, it would be so happy.

Besides that, the services of rooms are so incredible. Everything is so professional, modern and clean with many convenient things such as sofa, television, balcony, bed room, living room…

The price is not too expensive, you will easily own a luxury room and comfortably enjoy it in your trip. Nice room and beautiful view are probably what you are expecting. It is deserved to be your choice and won’t definitely make you disappointed.

Address: Tran Hung Dao street, Duong Dong town, Phu Quoc island

Phone number: 02976 266 688

Price: 2.600.000 – 5.200.000 VND/private room or an apartment with different views (about 110 – 220 USD). Breakfast will be served for free with many kinds of attractive food.

2. Chen Sea Resort And Spa Phu Quoc

One of the favorite places of many visitors should be “Chen Sea Resort And Spa Phu Quoc”. You will be lost in the real paradise while coming here because of its attraction from the beach views as well as its peaceful beauty.

Besides that, the combination between green spaces and yellow sunshine will make you feel really excited and relaxed. It should be like that to create a relaxing place for every visitor who already left the noise of big cities to come here and desire to enjoy the peaceful beauty of this island.

At many luxury resorts, the profession of restaurant system is one of the most important things. Especially in Phu Quoc island, this is where fresh seafoods as well as many local foods are the favorite ones of many visitors. Therefore, it would be a very essential element to make every visitor satisfied with its service – and that’s also what this resort did very well.

With different views as well as different price, you can easily choose the most suitable one for you. Don’t worry about how clean or comfortable it is. You choose to stay here, you will be served to the best through its amazing services.

Now is your turn to come and experience this place. Phu Quoc island has many beautiful beaches, but it would be much more amazing while choosing a chill and fancy place to stay like this. Therefore, don’t miss it.

Address: Ong Lang hamlet, Ong Lang town, Phu Quoc island

Phone number: 02973 995 895

Price: from 3.500.000 – 6.000.000 VND/day for 2 people with different views (about 150 – 260 USD). There is still up to 10.000.000 VND/big villa with 2 bed rooms (about 430 USD). Very good breakfast will be served for free at the restaurant.

3. Sol Beach House Phu Quoc By Melia Hotels International 

One more place will make you feel a little bit confused to choose the one that you like the most, because every place is so attractive and amazing. “Sol Beach House” would be a great choice to comfortably enjoy your trip to the best.

Look at the view as above, it looks so nice and peaceful because of beach view, green spaces and swimming pool. Staying here, you don’t need to know where you are, just feel like being lost somewhere so amazing in the world and enjoy that moment to the fullest.

If you desire to experience every kind of food in Phu Quoc island, this restaurant won’t make you disappointed. Fresh seafoods, local sweet soup, fresh fruit, rice, noodle… are waiting for you to try and experience as much as you can.

The services of rooms are extremely amazing and willing to serve you to the best. Everything is so professional from the smallest things. Comfortable beds, modern equipment, nice beach view… will make you love it a lot.

The price is not expensive. However, its services are probably beyond your imagination. Let’s come to experience how amazing it is.

Address: Duc Viet Tourist Area Zone 1, Bai Truong Complex, Duong To town, Phu Quoc island

Phone number: 02973 869 999

Price: from 2.500.000 – 5.000.000 VND/private room for 2 – 3 people (about 110 – 220 USD). There are many options for you to easily choose the one you like the most with different views.

Staying at one of these recommendations won’t definitely make you disappointed, you will really love it because of what it will bring to you. The price is not too expensive, there are many options for you to easily choose. Phu Quoc island has become an ideal destination in Vietnam because of many amazing places like this. Cheap price, nice views, great services are waiting for you to come and experience. Hope you will have an extremely relaxing and memorable trip in Phu Quoc island.