5 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Apply Vietnam Visa on Arrival

So you are ready to apply for your visa at visa on arrival option? If so, know the full details about applying for the visa, you can avoid making a mistake while applying for your visa. Before that, let have a look at the top 5 common mistakes people make when applying for a visa on arrival to Vietnam.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Visa extension: People will think if they want to stay in Vietnam for long, they can extend their visa after visit Vietnam. But, they don’t have an idea of its cost. Only after knowing that they will realize why didn’t apply for the three months visa type.
  2. Arrival date: The visa validity will commence from the date you provide in advance, not from the date you enter the country. Most people make a mistake in it, and their plan gets collapsed.
  3. Spelling/typo Error: While filling the online application, they will make some spelling or typo error. This will become as a big problem when you enter the Vietnam airport, and even your visa get declined. So, while filling the application, pay more concentration, and at the same time apply by seeing the original certificated like a passport.
  4. Applying for Visa at the last Minutes: Some people will apply for a visa at last minutes, and think it will get approved within a short period of time than the travel agency says. Finally, they will end up not getting the approved pre-approved visa letter at the right time.
  5. Choose the Travel agency Website that is Not 100% risk fee: Some people don’t have aware of fraud website, and choose a random travel agency website. This will leads you to lose your hard-earned money. So choose the 100% risk-free website that offers 100% money-back guaranteed option, in case if your visa application declined by the government, and if customers are not satisfied with their service.

Visa On Arrival Requirements

  • Six-month validity passport
  • Two Recently taken photo of your (softcopy)
  • Copy of original certificate (softcopy)
  • Kids should have a passport if you’re taking them with you
  • Passport while applying (to fill the visa application)

Debit or credit card with enough money to pay for your cheap Vietnam visa fee for Indian citizen .

Things to Do To Get Your Visa Approved Sooner

  • Fill the online application with accurate details
  • Add on to the rush service that you want
  • Attach the softcopy of your photo and certificate in the right size that is asked.
  • Pay the cheapest Vietnam visa fee for Indian citizen before submitting the document.
  • Give the valuable email ID of yours.

Things to Do Once You Receive Your Pre Approval Visa Letter

  • Get your visa approval letter print
  • Fill the visa entry and exit form with the accurate details
  • Submit all the required things at the Vietnam immigration office at your destination airport without any delay.
  • Have to pay the stamp fee with the ready Vietnam cash.

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