Rules – Vietnam Visa Approval Letter for Indians

Planning to apply for a cheap Vietnam visa for Indian citizen and get your pre-approved visa letter sooner without any stress? Then you have to choose the right travel agency website that should be 100% risk-free! Such travel agency will be ready to refund in case if your visa application declined by the government, or if you dislike their service. Beyond that, you have to follow some rules to get the Vietnam visa approval letter for Indians.

Rules To Follow To Get Your Pre-Approved Visa Letter

  • Choose the 100% risk-free website.
  • Apply the application with the correct details that is in your passport and the original certificate.
  • You have to attach the softcopy of your photo, original certificate that is required for traveling.
  • Based on your requirement, you have to add on the express service.

If you select the two days express service, you no need to pay any extra fee, and your visa will get approved within two working days and send to you. In case, if you are in an emergency, and want to visit Vietnam by tomorrow or even by today, you can add on to rush service. But for this case, you will be asked to pay from $10 to $80 based on the option you have chosen. Also, this will be applicable only for the Indians who are applying visa for visiting Vietnam for tourist purpose. If you want to apply visa for business purpose, you can choose either three days option or eight hours option. For selecting 8 hours option, you will be charged as 30$]

Have to submit your application by paying the first set cheap Vietnam visa fee for Indian citizen as a service fee.

As per your request made on express service, your visa will send to you via mail. You have to make it as a hardcopy by printing it.

Once you reach your destination international airport in Vietnam, you have to display your passport, hardcopy of the pre-approval visa letter, two passport-sized photos of yours, and pay the stamp fee that required for your visa type. The Vietnam Immigration Department officers in the airport will verify it, and get your visa stamped in your passport, and handover to you.


  • If you are taking your kid with you to Vietnam, your kid also should be a passport holder and have to do the same procedure to apply for a visa and pay the same service and stamp fee as you pay to get your pre-approval visa letter,
  • You should make the payment for service fee via credit card or debit card, and have to pay the stamp fee with ready cash.
  • Your passport should have at least have a six-month validity

Are you looking to apply for your visa by following these rules in a 100% risk-free website? Contact us! We will charge only for the 100% success applicant.

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