How Far in Advance Can I Get a Vietnam Visa from India?

The earliest you can apply the cheapest Vietnam visa for Indian citizens is six months. Whether you are travelling to Vietnam for tourist or business purpose, you must require a Vietnam visa to get access into the country. You can apply for Vietnam visa six months before the travel or anytime in between.

Vietnamese Embassy in India

If you are willing to apply for Vietnam visa via Vietnamese embassy in India, you must apply earlier as it is a time-consuming process. In order to apply for Vietnam visa through Vietnamese embassy, you have to visit the Vietnamese embassy in India and carry all the necessary original documents with you. This is risky as there are chances of missing your original documents during the travel. You must stand in a long line till you get your turn to fill in the online application form. While filling the online form, you must be very careful about the details you enter as you cannot edit them as you do online. Moreover, if the process isn’t complete in a day, you have to travel back to embassy or book a stay in the nearby area until you get the application processed. You may receive your Vietnam visa two or three weeks after the application process. So, if you are more willing to make your application for Vietnam visa through Vietnamese embassy, you must apply months before to avoid any delays.

Vietnam Visa on Arrival

If you don’t have enough time to wait for a Vietnam visa from embassy and you have scheduled a travel to Vietnam within a week or two, consider applying for low fee Vietnam visa for Indian citizens through Visa on Arrival. Unlike applying for Vietnam visa in an embassy, Vietnam visa on arrival is the simplest process and you do not have to invest more time and effort on it. Visit the website of a travel agency to fill out an online application form for Vietnam visa. Fill in the basic details that include your travel details, personal details, purpose of the travel, and more. Once the form is filled up, you have to make an online payment of the service fee which is indebted for the travel agency through whom you are applying. After the payment, click the submit button. With this, the application of your online form will be complete and you will receive your visa approval letter with two to three days. Make a copy of both the online application and the visa approval letter to submit them before the immigration department at the destination airport. Pay the stamping fee at the destination airport to get your visa affixed to the passport.

Vietnam visa on approval is a simple process and you can opt for this even when you are in an emergency like making a sudden business trip to Vietnam or an unplanned visit to Vietnam with your family. It’s the cheapest and safest method to apply for Vietnam visa since we offer full money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with our service or your visa application is denied.

Vietnam E-visa

Vietnam E-visa is one of the quickest methods available to apply for a Vietnam visa but the costliest. Also, you will not get any refund if there is an issue in your online application process.

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