How to Apply for Vietnam Cheap Visa in Most Reliable Way?

As a powerful country with strong ethic and culture, Vietnam has become one of the most popular countries with a high number of tourists and workforce from foreign countries. India is no exception, and every year there are lots of people visiting Vietnam for business or tourism. Indian citizens must apply for Vietnam visa to make an entry into Vietnam.

Vietnamese Embassy

Making an application of Vietnam visa through embassy is one of the reliable methods to apply for cheap Vietnam visa for Indian citizens. But, it comes with its own consequences. To make an application for Vietnam visa through embassy, you have to make a direct visit to the Vietnamese embassy located in India to directly fill up the application form and you have to submit the original copies of the documents required. People have to spend more time standing in long queue and more money traveling back and forth to home and embassy until their visa application gets approved. The process time of visa application is more than a week and two. But, it is reliable and there is no chance of any mistakes to happen.

Vietnam Visa on Arrival

The second most reliable method of applying for cheap Vietnam visa for Indian citizens is Vietnam visa on arrival. Vietnam visa on arrival is also considered as the cheap method to apply for visa to Vietnam as it involves a simple application procedure and low fees. The application process takes only a fraction of minutes to complete and doesn’t require the hard copies of your original documents. All you have to do is, upload the scanned copies of your original document. At the completion of the application process, service fee must be paid online and the cost varies depending on the type of the visa you are applying.

They will send you the visa approval letter via e-mail once the payment process is completed within two working days. After receiving the visa approval letter, you must make a copy of it and the visa application to feature before the officials of the immigration department at the destination airport. You can receive the Vietnam visa approval in all the five international airports which include Tan Son Nhat International Airport, Noi Bai International Airport, DaNang International Airport, Cat Bi Airport, and Cam Ranh Airport.

People are asked to pay a stamping fee at the destination airport to affix their visa to their passport. The stamping fee cost is $25 for single entry and $50 for multiple entries for both business and tourist visa.
If you are applying for visa with us, we will give you a 100% guarantee if we fail to fulfill your needs or your visa gets rejected by the Government.

Vietnam E-visa

Vietnam E-visa is the third method to apply for Vietnam visa for Indian citizens. This method is quick and you will get your e-visa within four to five days of visa application. But, the process is costly and you will not get a refund if there is an issue.

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