Apply for a tourist visa to Vienam from Canada

Tired of Canada and the non-stop winter ? You miss summer and want to go back ? Vietnam is the perfect place to get away from all those nightmares ! As a Canadian citizen, you are going to need a visa to visit Vietnam and will cost about 25$ for a single entry or 50$ for multiple entries (exclude service fee pay to the agency who arrange the visa for you). After two days (for standard processing & rush processing is available), you will receive your visa. In general, It’s quite easy to get your visa to enter Vietnam but there’s rules to follow. Let’s talk about the tourist visa and it’s criteria.

A tourist visa for Vietnam

A tourist visa is an entry to visit a country for a limited time before going back home.
To access to a tourist visa, you need to follow many rules that needs to be respected. You need to have a valid passport, be in good health , you have the financials resources means to pay for your expenses while in Vietnam , no criminal record , you have a residence in Canada to ensure that you will return home after you visited Vietnam , you’re planning to remain in Vietnam for a limited time , you intend to leave Vietnam after the end of your visit , you have no intention to seek employment while in Vietnam , you don’t have criminal record , you don’t pose a security risk , you agree to the law of the land. All these rules must be respected to enter Vietnam.

What would happen if I try to enter Vietnam without visa ?

Without a visa, your entry will be denied. You can’t enter and you’ll be penalize. Don’t take the risk to enter without visa. You’ll just waste your time !

Is there any consequences if I overstayed in Vietnam ?

If you decide to overstay in Vietnam without knowing the risk you will be in big trouble. There are heavy consequences for overstaying like a fine of 25$ USD up to 250$ USD for each day you stayed after the visa expired. It may be not expensive but it is illegal and it will result an immigration remark on your passport. Also, if you stayed too long without validation you may be forced to be deported which begins to be way more scarier. Don’t play with the rules.

Need more time ? Wishing to stay longer ?

Well, actually you can and there’s a way to it. When arriving to Vietnam, you can extend up to 3 months for tourist purpose. The cost will be 60$ to 155$ USD depending on your nationality if you wish to extend it to a period of 3 months.
It’s expensive, so try to plan before taking the trip it will save you money.

Phu Quoc Island – 30 days visa-free 

Phu Quoc Island is about 450km from Ho Chi Minh city. People who fly directly at the island no longer requires a visa and will be able to stay 30 days visa-free. In condition, you can’t leave outside and go to other place in Vietnam. The Phu Quoc Island is free and doesn’t need an application as you will receive a stamp in your passport upon arrival. It will be available for those who enter Phu Quoc via a flight or cruise ship, but not by land. If you decide to go to Vietnam you will need a visa.
To be eligible for 30 day Phu Quoc visa exemption, you must meet these followings requirements : your passport must not expire within the next six months once you arrive on Phu Quoc, you must have a round trip air ticket to and from Phu Quoc from outside Vietnam, you haven’t been extradited from Vietnam previously and you are not wanted from the INTERPOL ( Police organization from Europe ).

Exemptions for people without a visa 

In the case, if you have a spouse or a children of Vietnamese citizen, you are allowed to stay in the country without a visa for six months and must show papers to prove their eligibility.
APEC Card Holders are exempted for 90 days visa (please note that your APEC card must be approved for travel to Vietnam.
In conclusion, I briefly stated important information about the tourist visa. All requirements has been said. Just follow them and do exactly what it says. Don’t overstay, it’s a waste of money and you’re risking heavy penalties for no reason. Now, that you know how to plan, you’re ready to go and enjoy vacation.