3 Cheap Hostels With Beautiful Mountain Views In Sa Pa Town 

The North of Vietnam is luckily given many wonderful things by nature such as majestic mountains, cloudy views, cool weather, peaceful countrysides… Coming here, you will be probably diving into the paradise because of many beautiful places.

Sa Pa – a very attractive and interesting place where you should not miss to give a visit. There are many places to have a stay which have many amazing things to experience, let’s see 3 cheap and chill hostels with beautiful mountain views as the below recommendations: 

1. Fansipan Terrace Coffee And Homestay 

Look at the photos as below, this place will definitely bring amazing experiences to you while staying here. Fansipan Terrace Homestay has a mountain view with a coffee shop and restaurant. This place is not only for the guests who are staying here, but also for everyone who want to have a drink and enjoy this beautiful view.

Fansipan Terrace Homestay has a good location. It just takes you about 5 minutes to the central and just 15 minutes to the local village by walking. Foods and coffee are served professionally and very well-prepared. The staff is so friendly and helpful, the dorm beds as well as the private rooms are so clean and comfortable. Especially, every room here has beautiful view, you can enjoy the fresh atmosphere and have relaxing time right here to the fullest.

There are many options for you to choose the suitable room to stay. Dorm bed or private room for 2 – 6 people are available. In addition, breakfast will be served for free with soup noodle, bread and Vietnamese coffee.

Besides staying here, you can ask the reception for renting a motorbike or a private car in case you are planning to visit somewhere. The staffs here can also help you plan about exploring everything in Sa Pa to the most convenient.

Address: 67 Fansipan street, Sa Pa town

Phone number: 0912 205 154

Price: 110.000 VND/dorm bed (about 5 USD)

160.000 VND/dorm bed and fabulous breakfast included (about 7 USD).

540.000 – 1.200.000 VND/private room for 2 – 6 people and fabulous breakfast included (about 23 – 50 USD)

2. Sapa Odyssey Hostel

Sapa Odyssey would be a great choice for those who desire to have relaxing time with beautiful mountain view. Staying here, please don’t be rushed to visit everywhere in a very short time, let’s spend more time to enjoy the beauty of Sa Pa right here with peaceful sounds and fresh atmosphere.

Depending on your need, breakfast can be chosen to serve with only 45.000 VND. Look at the photo as above, it would be a great morning to enjoy Sa Pa with a fancy and chill breakfast.

There are many options for you to choose the suitable bed which is available in dorm room or private room. Its services will definitely make you feel satisfied and really enjoyable such as clean room, comfortable beds, nice balcony view, hot water… About the staffs, they are really helpful to provide every information as well as any help to make your trip interesting and extremely meaningful.

In addition, this place has a good location where you will easily walk to the central within only a few minutes. You can also ask the reception for renting a motorbike with only 100.000 – 150.000 VND/day (about 4 – 7 USD) to easily visit everywhere you want.

Address: 38 Muong Hoa road, Sa Pa town

Phone number: 0945 183 001

Price: 90.000 VND/dorm bed (about 4 USD) and about 400.000 VND/private room (about 17 USD). Good breakfast will be served with only 45.000 VND/person.

3. Hometravel Sapa

Hometravel Sapa is one of the favorite places where many travelers choose to have a stay while coming to Sapa. Because of its services, you can be totally comfortable to enjoy your time in this beautiful town. With cheap price and good location, it is deserved to be loved by everyone.

As its name, “Hometravel” will try their best to bring relaxing feelings to you like home while traveling. The weather in Sa Pa is quite cold, so they do not only give you the warm rooms as well as the hot water, but also give you their warm hospitality to be willing help you whenever you need.

Comfortable beds, clean room, hot water, fabulous breakfast… are the basic things to make you feel enjoyable to the fullest. You just need to enjoy and explore Sa Pa as much as you can. For everything, you just let Hometravel take care of it.

Address: 242 Thach Son street, Sa Pa town

Phone number: 0968 333 242

Price: 150.000 VND/dorm bed (about 6 USD) and about 600.000 – 1.200.000 VND/private room for 2 – 6 people (about 25 – 50 USD). Breakfast will be served for free.

Sa Pa is one of the attractive places where it doesn’t only give you many beautiful things to see and experience, but also has many chill and nice hostels or homestays to give you the really relaxing time while choosing here to visit. In addition, this highland area also has many kinds of local food which will definitely make you feel excited to explore one by one. Hope you have a nice trip in Sa Pa.

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