What Kinds Of Transportation I Can Use In Ha Giang? 

Ha Giang is a famous place of the Northernmost point in Vietnam. The winding of passes is a challenging thing for those who really like to pass the strong feelings. Therefore, taking a motorbike to see the beauty of this region would be an interesting experience in Ha Giang.

Take a motorbike 

You can ask the reception for renting a motorbike with cheap price. It costs from 200.000 – 250.000 VND/day (9-12 USD). You need to leave your passport here and do the payment when you check out.

In addition, there are still many places which have motorbikes for rent. You will be needing to leave your passport and the deposit (about 20 USD) in case there are some problems with the motorbike.


Hang Thuong Ha Giang  

  • Price: 200.000 VND/day (9 USD)
  • Included: Helmet, tourism map, 2 bottles of water and hot shower for guests.
  • Hotline: 0836.399.888 – 0942.508.448
  • Address: 15B Pham Hong Thai street, Minh Khai Ward, Ha Giang city.

Hong Hao Ha Giang 

  • Price: 200.000 VND/day (9 USD)
  • Included: Helmet, tourism map, protective clothing, raincoat, 2 bottles of water.
    Phone number: 0165.398.2928 – 0915.842.019

Take a taxi 

For those who are not used to driving a motorbike, you can consider to take a taxi to everywhere in your plan. You can also see the beauty of Ha Giang by taxi as well as visit somewhere easily. The price of it is more expensive than taking a motorbike, so it would be suitable for a small group or for those who can pay more for it.


  • Truong Xuan Ha Giang taxi | Phone number: 0219 3888 888
  • Duc Thinh taxi  | Phone number: 0219 3828 282

Take a bus

Due to the road in Ha Giang is not big enough, you can only take a small bus. The bus is 29 seater-bus, and it takes about a half day for 1 way transfer. You can take the bus to explore Quan Ba, Yen Minh, Dong Van or Meo Vac as the below information:

Ha Giang city – Quan Ba Bus

Cuong Thuy Bus

  • Telephone: 0915 407522
  • Departure time: Ha Giang 5:00 – 6:00; Quan Ba ​​12:00 – 16:00

Thang Phuong bus

  • Phone: 0915 185434
  • Departure time: Ha Giang 11:30; Quan Ba ​​6:00

Tan Yen bus

  • phone: 0912 369134
  • Departure time: Ha Giang 12:00; Quan Ba 6:30

Ha Giang city – Yen Minh Bus

Ngoc Cuong bus

  • phone: 0904 256279
  • Departure time: Ha Giang 12:00-13:00; Yen Minh 6:30-7:00

Hoang Tuyen bus

  • phone: 0912 120566
  • Departure time: Ha Giang 15:30; Yen Minh 5:30

Ha Giang city – Dong Van bus

Cau Me bus

  • phone: 0915 448933
  • Departure time: Ha Giang 5:00-12:00 ; Dong Van 5:00-12:00

A Sinh bus

  • phone: 0984 52037
  • Departure time: Ha Giang 5:00-12:00; Dong Van 5:00-12:00

Trung Yen bus

  • phone: 0979 682261
  • Departure time: Ha Giang 12:30; Dong Van 5:00

Ha Giang city – Meo Vac bus

Hoang Tai bus

  • phone: 0912394082
  • Departure time: Ha Giang 5:00-11:30 ; Meo Vac 6:30-13:00

Cau Me bus

  • phone: 0167 2116226
  • Departure time: Ha Giang 5:00; Meo Vac 5:00

Ngoc Khanh bus

  • phone: 0987 382992
  • Departure time: Ha Giang 9:00 Meo Vac 12:00

Quang Nghi bus

  • phone: 0946744733
  • Departure time: Ha Giang 10:30-12:30 ; Meo Vac 5:00-10:00

In addition, Ha Giang is also famous of many local foods. You can access the website of tourism agencies to know more detailed information. About how to apply for Vietnam visa, where to go, what to do… you can give a visit to see more.

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