What Kinds Of Transportation Are Used In Da Lat City?

Da Lat is not only a great destination for Vietnamese people, but also for many travelers who desire to see and feel the beauty of highlands in Vietnam. There are so many interesting places to give a visit in Da Lat, let’s see how to use transportation to explore this city: 

Take a motorbike 

Taking a motorbike is the most convenient way to visit everywhere in Da Lat. Many beautiful places are far away from each other and also in different directions. To be easier, you should rent a motorbike to be more proactive in your trip.

However, it would be a hard thing for those who are not used to driving motorbike. If you are going to visit around the city central, it is still easy and comfortable. But if you are going to go somewhere far away, you will be needing to drive through many hard roads and even winding passes.

You can ask the reception at your accommodation for renting a motorbike. Most of homestays or hostels in Da Lat have motorbike for rent service, you will easily take one of them.

Take a grab

For those who don’t want to drive the motorbike by yourself, you can consider to choose grab bike as a kind of transportation. In Da Lat, only grab bike is available, so you can just take a motorbike by grab instead of a car.

You will be needing to download grab app first and create an account. With grab, the price will be shown in the app, you just need to pay for the trip in cash after the driver drops you off.

Take a taxi 

If you are not comfortable to take a motorbike, you can choose to take a taxi. The price is a little more expensive than taking a motorbike but still cheap for a small group. You will easily take a taxi everywhere on the street and pay for it in cash after arrival.

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