How To Go To Phong Nha Cave From Ha Noi Capital? 

Phong Nha cave is the World Heritage Site which is recognized by UNESCO. Many travelers desire to visit this wonderful destination while visiting Vietnam. Let’s see how to use transportation to get there from Ha Noi. 

There are two routes that you will need to note:

Ha Noi capital – Dong Hoi city

By bus 

It takes about 500km from Ha Noi capital to Dong Hoi city, so taking a bus is one of the common choices chosen by many travelers. Within only 10 hours, you will arrive in Dong Hoi city. Taking a hard sleeper bus or limousine bus are both available and convenient.


Duc Thinh bus company – Nuoc Ngam bus station in Ha Noi

  • Phone number: 024 8589 8333
  • Bus ticket: 250.000 VND/pax with 42-hard sleeper bus (10 USD)

Hung Thanh bus company – 287 Tran Khat Chan, Ha Noi

  • Phone number: 0243 9900 333
  • Bus ticket: 250.000 VND/pax with 40-hard sleeper bus (10 USD)

In addition, you can consider to choose Limousine bus with luxury services and a little higher price. This kind of bus will provide high quality equipment such as wifi network, air condition, television, etc.


Hung Long limousine bus – 338 Tran Khat Chan, Ha Noi.

  • Phone number: 1900 1998
  • Price ticket: 400.000 VND/pax (about 17 USD)

By train

Taking a train is also one of the common choices to go to Dong Hoi city. It will also take you about 10 hours, however, you will have a chance to see more about Vietnam’s landscapes. The train ticket is more expensive (from 400.000 – 700.000 VND/pax or 17-30 USD/pax), but it would be safer and worthy to take.

By airplane 

In addition, you can also easily take a flight from Noi Bai airport to Dong Hoi airport within only 30-40 minutes. You can check the flight ticket via website and choose the most suitable time that you can go.

Flight ticket: from 1.000.000 VND (45 USD)

Dong Hoi city – Phong Nha cave

From Dong Hoi city, it will take about 50km to go to Phong Nha cave. Therefore, taking a car or motorbike would be both very convenient.

Renting a motorbike 

You can ask your accommodation for renting a motorbike with only 100.000 – 150.000 VND/day (4-7 USD) and search the way in the internet to drive there yourself. The way is not difficult and it’s so beautiful to see the beauty of this region. Taking a motorbike would be an interesting experience to feel the fresh atmosphere on the way to Phong Nha cave.

In addition, you can go to this address to ask for renting a motorbike:

Address: 189A Truong Phap street, Dong Hoi city.

Phone number: 0911.079.136

By car

If you have a small group of 4-7 people, taking a car will be a good choice to visit Phong Nha cave. The price of it is much more expensive – about 20.000 VND/km, so you will have to pay a lot for 50km distance.

By public bus

There is public bus from Dong Hoi city downtown to Phong Nha cave. You just need to come to bus station and get on the bus. The bus will directly transfer you to Phong Nha cave.

After arriving in Phong Nha cave, you can buy the entry ticket to start your journey.

In order to ask for more useful information, you can access the website of tourism agencies to know and follow the detailed guidance.

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