The Luxury Suites at the Historic Sofitel Legend Metropole Hotel in Hanoi

The Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi is perhaps the most popular luxury hotel in Vietnam. It has recently hit the headlines in various International news outlets because this is where US President Trump and North Korean President Kim Jong-un had a meeting. This historic hotel is in Hanoi’s French Quarter, located just a few steps away from the Hanoi Opera House.

Opened in 1901 by the French colonialists, the Sofitel features French colonial style architecture with a beautiful white facade. To date, this famous hotel has housed several world-renown politicians, Hollywood actors, and other famous personalities. Here are some of the luxury suites at this famous hotel.

The Charles Chaplin Suite

Named after the legendary performer, this is said to be the suite where Charles Chaplin stayed in 1936 during his honeymoon trip to the country with his new bride, American actress Paulette Goddard. The suite is located in the hotel’s Historical Wing on the third floor.

Described by the hotel as a romantic haven, the room features the original wooden floors that were already there when Charles Chaplin had his honeymoon. It has a spacious bathroom with Jacuzzi, stand-up shower, and a very comfortable king-sized bed.

This same room is where other personalities used to stay, such as former US President Bill Clinton, French actress Emmanuelle BĂ©art, Hollywood actor Colin Farrell and Queen Maxima, the Queen of Netherlands.

Imperial Suite

Another opulent suite at the Sofitel is the Imperial Suite. This prestigious suite is located at the Opera Wing on the 6th floor. The interior decor features a combination of modern and neoclassic design. In this room, you can have a private spa, a grandiose bathroom complete with a French style tub and a steam shower. The room is also equipped with a small library and a luxurious lounge. Costing $3,000 per night, this room has housed some of the world’s most popular personalities.

Some of the guests who have stayed at this room are Russian president Vladimir Putin, French president Francois Hollande, former Secretary of State John Kerry, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-Moon, and Michael Higgins, Ireland’s former president.

Bomb Shelters

One of the most significant rooms in the hotel is the bomb shelter, which plays an important role in the history of the country. In 1972, when the American troops launch an 11-day bombing campaign in Vietnam, this place served as a shelter to some of the hotel’s most notable guests. These include Joan Baez, a legendary American folk singer.

Together with the other guests, Baez hid at the small room underneath the back courtyard and remained there all throughout the entire duration of the bombing raid. It’s been said that while some of the guests are in fear, Baez was playing the guitar and was singing. In fact, she managed to record a song, “Where Are You Now, My Son”, inspired by one of the guests who have been frantically searching for her son in the midst of the bombed building. In fact, bombs can be heard in the original recording of the song.

One of the most notable displays at the hotel is an oil painting featuring a young Vietnamese monk. This painting was from Joan Baez, which she gave to the hotel staffs during her return last 2014. It’s displayed by the reception desk and is one of the things that you’ll notice upon entry. Baez was also recognized for her special role during the bombing of the hotel.

Historical Relics

The rich history behind the hotel’s white facade and shattered windows are displayed at the hotel lobby. Guests who are taking part in the hotel’s “Path of History” will be passing through these historical relics that consist of a series of photographs depicting the country’s rich history. Names of popular Hollywood actors, politicians, writers, and other personalities who have stayed at the hotel are plastered at one of the walls. If you’re staying at the Sofitel, it’s highly recommended that you take part in the path of a history tour, which is free for all guests.

Non-staying guests may be able to tour the hotel’s Path of History including the bomb shelter but this comes with a fee. There are various tour operators in Hanoi that can arrange this tour for you. You can also send an email to the hotel to inquire about the tour.

How to Get to the Sofitel Legend Metropole Hotel

The hotel is located in Hanoi’s Hoan Kiem District, right beside the Opera House. It’s only within walking distance from the various historical landmarks of the city.  The hotel can arrange a pickup from the airport, but this comes with a fee. It’s much cheaper to travel to the hotel on your own coming from the airport. You can take the taxi, public bus, or a shuttle bus.