Visiting the Binh Quoi Village of Ho Chi Minh City

If you’re visiting Ho Chi Minh soon, make sure you drop by at the scenic village of Binh Quoi. Known for its gorgeous nature views that include a beautiful lake with a wide expanse of grasslands, it’s a great place to visit if you want to escape the hustle bustle of Ho Chi Minh. Here, you can go fishing, boating, or simply wander along with its beautiful surroundings. If you are planning to visit this place, then here’s everything you need to know about the Binh Quoi Village.

Where is Binh Quoi Village?

The village of Binh Quoi is only 8 km. away from the center of Ho Chi Minh, yet it has a totally different feel. While the city is extremely busy and chaotic, this laid back village has a calmer and more relaxing vibe.  It lies along Binh Quoi Street at the Saigon River’s Thanh Da Peninsula.

The best way to reach the village from Ho Chi Minh is to rent a motorbike and drive all the way to the village. It should take less than an hour drive, depending on the traffic. For those who don’t want to drive, the best option is to take the Saigon Waterbus from the Bach Dang Pier at District 1. There are also tour companies that would take a group of tourists to the village.

What to Expect at the Binh Quoi Village?

The Binh Quoi village is like the miniature version of the Mekong Delta. But unlike the Mekong Delta, which is now filled with tourists, Binh Quoi is quieter and is definitely more relaxing. You’d be surprised at how different it is from the busy tourist areas of Ho Chi Minh.

Upon arriving at the village, you’ll be greeted with a beautiful pond where numerous lotuses can be seen floating. There are also thatched cottages where visitors can relax and soak up the beauty of the surroundings. You’ll also come across a monkey bridge, vast tropical foliage, and waterwheels made of bamboo.

How to Explore the Binh Quoi Village

You can explore the village on foot or with a motorbike or bike. The entire village is divided into three areas, which are labeled 1, 2, and 3. While Binh Quoi 1 is the most popular one as this is where you’ll find the lotus pond, the Binh Quoi 2 and 3 are definitely worth checking out. If you want to take part in some sports activities, such as tennis and swimming, then do check out the tennis court and swimming pool at Binh Quoi 2.

On the other hand, Binh Quoi 3 has a more rustic vibe and where you can find some local restaurants serving buffet style lunches. If you fancy a meal by the river, then better check this place out.

Southern Vietnamese Cuisine

There are also evening buffets that cater to tourists who are taking part in the tour excursions arranged by some travel companies in Ho Chi Minh. Of course, you are welcome to join the evening buffet, which usually consists of delectable Southern Vietnamese cuisines. The setting is somewhat similar to the southern rural markets, where you’ll find restaurants in huts and some wooden food carts by the garden or pond. Indeed, the Binh Quoi Village is a beautiful nature village ideal for all kinds of travelers, most especially foodies who wanted to have a taste of the local southern Vietnamese dishes.

Other Activities to Enjoy at the Village

There are absolutely lots of things you can enjoy at the Binh Quoi village and there’s definitely no time to get bored during your visit. The rural setting is perfect for families who want to enjoy outdoor activities, such as boating and fishing. There are also folk games organized by the local villagers. But for travelers who prefer to relax and enjoy the calm surroundings, check out the beautiful bungalows at the Binh Quoi 2, which are surrounded by forests and lake, and offer resort-like services and amenities.

The best time to visit the village of Binh Quoi is around late afternoon. If possible, schedule your visit during the weekend. That way, you can take part in the many cultural activities organized by some local villagers. Aside from the delicious buffets, you also get to listen to live music and watch cultural performances. Of course, it’s also a perfect time to interact with the locals and learn more about the local culture.

So if you are visiting Ho Chi Minh soon and you have an extra day to spare, do check out the village of Binh Quoi. You will love its beautiful laidback vibe, which is totally different from the busy cities of Vietnam. In fact, even local residents of Ho Chi Minh would come here during the weekend to relax and de-stress, away from the hustle bustle of the city life.

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