Tips to Planning a Motorbike Ride in Vietnam

One of the most exciting ways to explore the beautiful places of Vietnam is by riding a motorbike. With your bike, you’d be able to explore remote towns and villages and even get off the beaten path. Sure, it comes with some risks, but if you plan your ride well, you’ll surely have an amazing time discovering some of the most amazing attractions in the country. Here are some tips for planning a motorbike ride in Vietnam.

Consider the Weather

Young lady standing near motorbike and enjoying landscape view

The weather is one of the most important things to consider when planning for a motorbike ride in Vietnam. Take note that the country is divided into different climatic zones. Thus, the weather will greatly vary depending on the places that you plan to visit. Also, there are some places that are ideal to visit on a motorbike during the winter season while other places are much better to explore in summer.

So before you head out for your motorbike adventure, make sure you research the weather on the places that you plan on visiting. Avoid driving during the rainy season because aside from getting wet, the roads are often slippery, which is pretty dangerous.

Plan Your Route Well

For most adventurers, riding a motorbike from Ho Chi Minh to Hanoi and vice versa has become somewhat of a common route. But take note that the journey is very long so it is best to make a stop at some of the places you’ll be passing by. You can perhaps stop at some of the stunning white sand beaches, explore beautiful limestone ridges, or hike through the rice fields.

Take time to do your research and look for the best routes that can make your journey more enjoyable and comfortable for you. Also, plan your route according to what you wanted to see along the way, whether you love the culture, history, or natural scenery.

Choose your Bike Well

Vietnamese man travel to adventure nature, Viet Nam male ride motorbike on countryside street, lifestyle of youth people, couple make tour together , personality people with journey in Vietnam

Of course, you will need a reliable bike to be able to accomplish your adventure. So one of the first things that you need to do upon arriving at the country is to look for a place where you can rent a good quality bike. While most travelers would choose to rent, others who plan on staying longer would find it more practical to purchase a new one. With a new motorbike, you can be guaranteed a safe ride since it will most likely not give you troubles along the road. You can always sell the motorbike once you leave the country.

But if buying is not an option there are so many motorbike rental shops in big cities like Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi so better check these out. You can also ask advice from fellow travelers for a company that rents out reliable motorbikes. Your hotel may also get you in touch with a rental shop. The cost for a month’s worth of rental should be around $200 to $300.

Think About your Backpack

You’ll most likely be lugging along a backpack during your journey and this could affect your driving experience. For a more comfortable drive, you might as well pack light. You can perhaps leave some of your things at your hotel. There are some hotels in Vietnam that would allow the traveler to leave their luggage for a longer period of time. Remember that the lighter your backpack, the more comfortable your driving experience will be. You don’t need to bring too many clothes with you because you can simply buy cheap and good quality clothing at some of the local markets that you’ll be passing by.

Make Sure You Have a Driver’s License

Teenage on the motorbike is showing driving license and motorcycle keys. Concept driving school for scooter

There are plenty of travelers that would drive motorbike even without a valid driving license but this could actually put you in real trouble if you get pulled over. If you don’t have an International driver’s license, you might as well acquire a Vietnamese driver’s license. At least, if you get pulled over, the police will not be obliged to slap you with a hefty fine. You can try to bribe, which is what others would do, but if you encounter an officer who can’t be bribed, best of luck to you.

Get Travel Insurance

Woman sitting at workplace and holding blank travel insurance form, closeup

Travel insurance is a must most especially if you plan on doing risky adventures in Vietnam, such as going on a long motorbike drive. Make sure that the insurance you will acquire can cover you in case of road accidents. Choose the company that has ties to the best international hospitals in Vietnam so the best doctors will be able to attend to you in the event that you’ll get injured during a motorbike drive. Before you pay for your insurance, find out the details of the coverage and determine how you can request for a claim just in case you will need it.

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