Things you can’t control while traveling

When you look on Instagram, you’ll see people only posting perfect photos and bragging about how incredible their vacation is. And it probably is… most of the time, at least. But there’s also things we can’t control while traveling that might ruin your mood. Traveling isn’t always great and it shouldn’t be either! We learn more when we are faced with uncomfortable situations. So before you head out, let’s take a look at things you can’t control while traveling. Hopefully it’ll make you more prepared to face certain situations.

Canceled or delayed flights

There’s nothing more frustrating than missing your connecting flight because of your first flight being delayed. It happened to me several times and I honestly just felt like crying then. But then you realize – you’re not the only one that’s in this situation! And instead of weeping about it, go straight to the information counter and solve the problem. There’s nothing you can do. You can’t magically make it solve itself (unfortunately). It solved itself very quickly for me, perhaps because I was also traveling solo and they only needed to fix one extra spot in the next flights. But if I had to do an overnight, make sure that the flight company pays for it and not you. Instead of making it a bad thing, see it as a fun experience. You get a free hotel night and can rest out. There’s way worse things that can happen to you.

You get hurt

Please, please please… Remember to have a travel insurance before you go. If you’re not sure how long you’re traveling for, try to at least have travel insurance for the days you know for sure you’re going to be away for. Then you can always extend it. When you travel, you’re probably going to be doing some risky stuff such as hiking or surfing for example. It’s easy to get hurt doing it, and if you need to go to the hospital, you’ll really be thankful for your insurance. Going to the doctor can vary in prices depending on where you are, but do know that it can get quite expensive, even in cheaper countries such as Vietnam.

Getting robbed

Unfortunately, these things do happen. Sometimes we get robbed in places that are considered “safe”. If it happens, it sucks real bad. But we can’t control everything when we’re traveling. The most important thing is to always have two credit cards and keep one in a safe place. If you do get robbed, you can just cancel the first credit card and use the second one. Don’t have too much money on you either and keep your passport and driver’s license in a safe place so you don’t lose that. My friends got pickpocketed in Ethiopia and let it ruin their entire trip. But don’t let it ruin yours! Instead, try to move past it and take it as an experience. You’re traveling! There’s so many good things happening around you – focus on that instead.

You’ll meet unfriendly people

Whether you’re traveling solo or with friends, you’re going to be meeting tons of new people. And not all of them are super nice. The majority of travelers are like minded and friendly, but there are a few rotten ones out there as well (like everywhere). I’ve met a few people that I didn’t get along with and some were straight up rude to me for no reason, but you can’t really control who you’re going to meet. You can only control how you will react. So instead of getting upset, I just decided to not react to his comments and stop spending time with him. It’s just part of the travel experience, meeting different types of people.

Lost luggage

Although there’s less than one percent these days to lose your luggage, it still doesn’t mean that it won’t happen. It’s frustrating as hell knowing that your luggage is somewhere in the unknown and you don’t know where or when you can pick it up. Sometimes it takes days, sometimes even weeks to get your luggage. If you want to avoid this happening, try to only bring a carry on. Be a minimalist and travel lightly!

Your AirBnB looks way different than in the photos

A lot of us has been through this. We look at photos on AirBnB and it looks clean and nice. We book it and expect it to look just like the photos. Except… It doesn’t. It’s smelly, nasty and broken down. The owner won’t let us get a refund and we’re forced to stay here. The good thing is? It’s not for forever! And you should definitely complain to AirBnB about this. They might be able to refund you the money if the owner refuses to.