The best expat cities in 2019

More and more people are starting to be attracted to the idea of being able to work from anywhere in the world. The expat culture is thriving and this global citizen lifestyle is spreading worldwide. Who doesn’t want to have the freedom of working wherever you want to in the world, safely behind your computer in a rustic café? It’s especially attractive for those who’ve always wanted to travel but had to put it off because of work. But no more! 2019 is the year when everything is possible. So if you’ve always wanted to move abroad and work, take a look at some of the best expat cities for you to go to in 2019!

1. Melbourne

Australia has always been one of the best countries to live in and Melbourne especially has topped the lists of being the world’s most livable cities for many years. Melbourne is a fantastic city for expats to live in because there’s so much to do here. It’s a safe city as well filled with a cosmopolitan atmosphere, incredible coffee shops (the coffee is notorious), great salary (if you intend on working for an Australian company), good vibes and tons of other expats, making it easy for you to find new friends in your new home. If you’re a fan of horse racing or watching football, it’s a great city to settle down in… At least for a while.

2. Berlin

Artsy, cool, alternative and unique, this city is bound to steal your heart away. Germany might not be the cheapest country to live in, but Berlin is surprisingly affordable. There’s tons of free things to do here, like just walking around and looking at all the stunning street art, see the different neighborhoods, or visit the Berlin wall. Berlin is also the most international city in Germany and you’ll find people from all over the world here. Although German is the spoken language, you won’t find it difficult to survive on English here. Also, if you’re vegan, it’s one of the most vegan friendly cities in the world.

3. Seoul

If you’re a native in English, or have a TEFL certification and experience working as an English teacher, you should consider moving to the beautiful capital city of South Korea. Seoul is a mecca for English teachers and almost every expat you’ll meet here is most likely teaching English at a school. It pays well and most of the expats also gets free accommodation during their stay. Sounds like a good deal, right? Seoul is a bustling city filled with life, fashion malls, neon lights, and cool youngsters looking for the latest trends. It’s also an incredibly safe city to live in. During day time, you can explore the different neighborhoods in Seoul such as the historic district Jongno, the shopping district Myeongdong, or the touristic parts of Seoul Itaewon. There’s a ton of cafés, parks, scenic walks, concrete jungles, museums and art galleries that will steal your heart. Seoul is a winner.

4. Hanoi

If you’ve just started out this whole expat thing and aren’t earning a lot of money, you probably want to find a city that’s affordable to live in, but still has the expat atmosphere. Don’t worry, we got you covered! Hanoi, Vietnam, is an incredibly fun city to live in, although traffic can get a bit of getting used to. Vietnam has long been known as an affordable destination and is a favorite amongst backpackers, but did you know there’s also a big number of expats living there? Whether they’re working as English teachers, for a Vietnamese company or just freelancing, you’ll find there’s plenty of foreigners working and living in Hanoi. What’s so good about the city is that it’s close to many attractions such as world famous Halong Bay and Cat Ba. If you can’t wait to go to the beach, just jump on a bus and you’ll be in a stunning beach within a few hours. But don’t miss out on exploring the city itself. Look up and you’ll see the gorgeous French old colonial buildings, have a look in the many markets, go shopping, sit in one of the local food stalls and eat a bowl of warm pho and just take in the atmosphere. At night, head over to Hanoi Rock City, a music venue that hosts events almost every day and is a place where you will be guaranteed to meet other expats.

5. Medellin

Colombia has finally shaken off its reputation of being dangerous and is now one of the most visited countries in South America. Medellin especially was a dangerous place to live but is now a hub for expats. Thanks to its favorable climate, the welcoming locals, great food, accessibility to nature and fascinating museums, it’s a favorite amongst expats. Because who hasn’t dreamt of living in Colombia? And if you’re a fan of salsa, outdoor parties, reggaeton, and bachata, this is the city for you. And if you’re keen on traveling around the country, you can go to famous cities such as Cartagena, known for their colorful streets.