The Red and White Sand Dunes of Vietnam

Most travelers who are going to Vietnam would either go to the beach, hike the terraced rice fields, or explore the temples and museums. But what a lot of people didn’t know is that there are sand dunes in Vietnam and they are truly breathtaking! This might come as a surprise to many who thought that sand dunes are only in countries with vast deserts, such as in the Middle East and Africa.

Located in the coastal town of Mui Ne, the sand dunes of Vietnam consist of the White and Red Sand Dunes. If you are thinking of exploring the gorgeous sand dunes on your trip to Vietnam, here’s everything you need to know.

The Town of Mui Ne

The breathtaking White and Red Sand Dunes are located in the sleepy fishing village of Mui Ne. Mui Ne is set in the southern coast of Vietnam about four hours away from the city of Ho Chi Minh. Aside from the stunning sand dunes, the small fishing village of Mui Ne is also home to some historical attractions. Here, you’ll find the Po Sah Inu Cham Towers, which date back to the Cham Dynasty that used to flourish in the country several centuries ago. Mui Ne is also home to some beaches. Although not as famous as Phu Quoc and Nha Trang, the beaches of Mui Ne are beautiful and are mostly less crowded. Of course, Mui Ne is also a great place to feast on the freshest and most affordable seafood in Vietnam.

How the Sand Dunes Were Formed?

The Red and White sand dunes can be found on the shorelines of Mui Ne. These fine sediments were transported there by the high winds and waves rushing in and out of the ocean. Gentle waves would bring the sand onshore and once they are there, heavy winds would carry the sand away, which eventually forms the dunes. Over time, the sand dunes have gotten steeper and bigger. The roots and stems of the plants that have occupied the dunes have also helped to prevent the shifting of the sand, which is why they remained there permanently.

Aside from being a stunning natural attraction, the sand dunes of Mui Ne also serve as a natural barrier that protects against beach erosion and coastal storms. They are capable of absorbing the impact of storms, which delay or prevent flooding that could possibly cause massive destruction in the village.

The White Sand Dunes

As mentioned, there are two sand dunes that you’ll find in Mui Ne, the Red and White Sand Dunes. The White Sand Dunes or Đồi Cát Trắng are more popular. It’s a vast expanse of pristine dunes, which is exactly how you imagine a desert would be. The imposing dunes occupy a massive land area and exploring the place will make you feel like you’re Laurence of Arabia.

For a more gorgeous view, visit the sand dunes at sunrise. During this time, you’ll be treated to the gorgeous views of morning rays dancing across the entire landscape, which creates an awe-inspiring view. Another great thing about visiting the White Sand dunes during this time is that there are not usually a lot of crowds. You will have the entire place to yourself, where you can wander around and soak up the majestic views.

The Red Sand Dunes

The Red Sand Dunes or Đồi Hồng are smaller than the White Sand Dunes. Located along the main coastal road behind the main beach, these dunes have a rusty red and brown color that are absolutely gorgeous! These dunes are easily accessible than the White Sand dunes, which is why this place is often crowded with tourists. But don’t let this prevent you from exploring this place. Just like the White Sand dunes, the Red Sand dunes look even more gorgeous during sunrise so wake up early and get here before the massive crowds of tourists start arriving!

The amber colored sand of the Red Sand dunes produces a fiery red color, which looks really beautiful in photos. Aside from wandering along the dunes, you can also take part in some activities, such as driving a quad bike.

How to Visit the Sand Dunes in Mui Ne

The best way to visit the stunning sand dunes is to arrange transportation in Mui Ne. You’ll find plenty of local travel agencies that offer tours to the dunes. If you’re traveling in a large group, you can hire a bus or a jeep. For those who can drive, it is best to rent a motorbike to visit the sand dunes and explore some other attractions in Mui Ne as well.

To get to the red dunes, simply follow the huge highway that runs right behind the Mui Ne Beach. If you’re going to the white dunes, you need to drive for about 40 minutes towards Highway DT716. It might take a while but the views along the road make the drive really worth it!

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