4 Simple Steps to get Cheap Vietnam Visa for Greek Citizens – Visa on Arrival

Several applicants believe that applying for visa is laborious. While that is true when you are applying through embassies, this is not the case when you are looking to apply for it online. Online visa application program Visa on Arrival has made it a whole lot easier for citizens to get their Vietnam visa cheapest. In just 4 simple steps, getting your Vietnam visa is more than possible.

An experienced visa agent will be able to help you out throughout the process. Their expertise will suffice to get your visa application processed in the earliest time possible. Vietnam Visa Cheap offers you Visa on Arrival service at one of the lowest prices.

The four steps to getting your Vietnam visa include the following:

  • Apply for your visa online
  • Get your visa application approved
  • Pick up your visa
  • Check-in Vietnam

Apply for your Visa online | Vietnam Visa Cheap :

  • Visit the website of Vietnam Visa Cheap.
  • Fill out your details and the visa you are looking to apply for in the online application. This process shall be quickly completed by uploading a copy of your passport as well.
  • Pay the service fee online using your credit card or PayPal account. Service fee for Greek citizens are as follows:
    • 1 month single entry tourist visa – $6
    • 1 month multiple entries tourist visa – $8
    • 3 months single entry tourist visa – $15
    • 3 months multiple entries tourist visa – $20
    • 1 month single entry business visa – $6
    • 1 month multiple entries business visa – $8
    • 3 months single entry business visa – $15
    • 3 months multiple entries business visa – $20

Get your Visa Application Approved:

  • When your visa application is approved, a visa approval letter will be sent to your email address that you specified in the application.
  • The approval letter is the official document that is approved and sealed by the government stating that you will be getting your visa at any of the four international airports in Vietnam. Make sure to download and print the approval letter as soon as you receive it.

Pick up your Visa:

  • When you arrive at the Vietnam airport, present your visa approval letter at the landing visa desk.
  • Pay the visa stamp fee and get your visa stamped on your passport. Stamping fee is the Vietnam visa fee charged by the government of Vietnam and they are as follows:
    • All single-entry visas – $25
    • All multiple-entries visas – $50

Check-in Vietnam:

After getting your visa from the landing visa desk, show it at the check-in point, and then you will be granted entry to the country.

These are the four easy steps you shall follow to get your Vietnam visa. For any information or queries you have about Visa on Arrival, get in touch with the professionals at Vietnam Visa Cheap. They offer you a full money-back guarantee if your visa application is not approved by the government, or if you are not satisfied with the agency’s service.