10 Mistakes You Should avoid As a First Time Visitor to Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the most liked travel gems in Southeast Asia for tourists who want to engage in attractive cultural experiences. Countless exotic destinations around Vietnam need proper exploration, form beautiful landscapes, mountains, jungles, beaches, colonial structure, sandy beaches, and bustling city life to mention just but a few.

So, whether you are planning for a jungle adventure, a romantic getaway or a historical tour, below are some ten mistakes you shouldn’t make as a first-time visitor to Vietnam.

1. Do not fail to change the currency.

One mistake that many first- time visitor in Vietnam do is failing to get the correct place to exchange their currency. Converting your currency to the official Vietnamese currency of Dong is a very crucial issue if you want to make your trip easier and convenient.

Change the money at the designated banks such as Income bank, Techcom bank, BIDV bank, Vietcombank and Sacom banks. These banks charge a relatively lower exchange fee.

Do not take torn, excessively crumpled or notes written on for exchange. They will be rejected.

Change back the Vietnam Dong before leaving Vietnam because the notes are not usable outside the country except Cambodia, Laos, and

2. Do not just hire a Taxi Driver for the sake of hiring.

Another challenge for first-time visitors in Vietnam is the taxi scam. Don’t make a mistake of choosing taxi companies with do not have a clear logo, meter, and phone number. Also, beware of rogue taxi drivers who overcharge foreigners. As a result, always take transport services such as Uber to reduce risks.

3. Do not carry expensive items to the streets, especially to major towns such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh. Always leave items that you don’t need at the hotel. Things like handbags, camera, phone, cash, and jewelry always attract petty thieves, snatchers, and pick-pockets in the crowded streets.

4. Avoid using your smartphone in crowded places like markets or overcrowded. This will help you avoid snatchers form taking your phone away and disappear in the crowd.

5. Don’t make a mistake of carrying your passport or other important papers in your pocket or back on your bag. Instead, always keep your essential documents closed or locked in the hotel while traveling on public means such as bus or train.

6. Avoid rushing to beat traffic in busy streets of major towns and cities. This will help you avoid involving yourself in accidents while walking, riding or walking in the busy streets of major Vietnamese

7. Avoid going out alone when it is too late. However, if you must go out alone, inform the relevant authority and keep dress modesty or dress in a manner that is suitable with the local culture. However, it’s better to go out as a group during the late hours of the night to places like night clubs or bars.

8. Do not just eat and drink anything that comes to your table. Vietnam dishes are composed of some seemingly exotic dishes such as dog meat, rat meat, lobsters, and frogs among others. So, it is important to make prior inquiry of the food you are served before taking it.

9. Avoid buying food items at restaurants or supermarkets because they may be unpalatable to you. This is because such foods might be having dangerous preservatives. It is advisable to buy your foodstuffs from street food stalls to be sure of what you are buying since they are still fresh.


10. If you have a weak stomach, stick to one restaurant. Do not be curious foods at the streets or restaurants before you are sure of the ingratiates.

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