How much cheap is Vietnam Visa for Netherlands Citizen? Read to Find out

Vietnam is indeed one of the best places any traveller has to visit. In fact, the Vietnamese government has eased the rules to encourage people from all over the world to explore the wonders of this nation. While certain countries get visa exemption, a Dutch passport holder will have to apply for Vietnam visa. But what is the Vietnam visa cost? This article answers the question for you.

The Vietnam visa cost depends on the type of application process you opt for. They include:

  • Visa application through embassy
  • Visa application online through Visa on Arrival

Visa application through the Vietnamese embassy is a conventional method of visa application. However, the process has become cumbersome with longer processing times and hidden charges. Also, the costs associated with the application also varies from embassy to embassy. You will have to travel and visit the office multiple times depending on the requirement. This is an additional travel expense that shall be added to your total cost.

However, all of these complexities can be avoided with the latest method of visa application called Visa on Arrival.

Visa on Arrival lets anyone to apply from anywhere through a reliable visa agent’s website. Once the application is approved, you will receive the approval letter via email that needs to be shown at the destination airport to receive the visa stamped. Vietnam Visa Cheap has the cheapest Vietnam visa service fee for Visa on Arrival.

Vietnam Visa Fees

Visa on Arrival is the best way to obtain cheap Vietnam visa. There are two fees included with the total price. They include:

  • Service fee
  • Stamping fee

Service Fee:

Service fee is the e-visa Vietnam price charged by the visa agent, which is utilised to forward your application to the immigration of Vietnam and get it approved as soon as possible. The service fee from Vietnam Visa Cheap is one of the most reasonable you will find. For Netherland citizens, the charges are as follows:

  • 1 month single entry tourist visa – $6 Service fee,
  • 1 month multiple entries tourist visa – $8 Service fee
  • 3 months single entry tourist visa – $15 Service fee
  • 3 months multiple entries tourist visa – $20 Service fee
  • 1 month single entry business visa – $75 Service fee
  • 1 month multiple entries business visa – $80 Service fee
  • 3 months single entry business visa – $85 Service fee
  • 3 months multiple entries business visa – $90 Service fee

Stamping Fee:

Stamping fee is the official fee levied by the Vietnamese government, and is mandatory for everyone. This is the fee you will be paying at the landing desk of the destination airport while getting your visa stamped.

Single entry visas have a $25 fee and multiple entry visas have a $50 fee.

Applying for e-visa on Vietnam Visa Cheap gives you the additional protection of 100% refund guarantee. If you are not happy with the service, or if your application is not approved by the government of Vietnam, you will get 100% of your money back! So, get in touch with the experts to start your application.