A Guide to Getting Cheap Vietnam Visa for Russian Citizens

The Vietnamese government has eased their rules and welcomes every traveller to visit the country, and experience for themselves the beauty and warmth of the nation. For this purpose, the government has been offering visa exemptions for a handful of nations, Russia included.

Under the exemption, any Russian citizen willing to stay in Vietnam for more than 15 days only needs to apply for Vietnam visa. You will also need to apply for visa if you want to revisit this country in less than 15 days. Otherwise, you do not need to apply for a visa. (Note that there has to be a gap of 30 days between visa-free visits)

The conventional procedure of applying for Vietnam visa is through embassy. You will have to personally visit the embassy office multiple times, fill in the form, submit documents, and make the payment. The problem is that the overall expenses involved in this process could turn out to be high. Fortunately, you will be able to get cheap Vietnam visa when you apply for it online and you know how much you will be paying for it.

Getting Cheap Vietnam Visa through Visa on Arrival:

When you are applying through the Visa on Arrival online program, you get to save costs and time. The only thing you will have to be careful about is that you should be dealing with a trustworthy visa agent for the same. Vietnam Visa Cheap is one of the most reliable visa agents that helps you to get visa with their reasonable Vietnam visa cost online.

For Russian citizens, the following are the applicable service fees:

Single Entry Visa: 1 month and 3 months single entry tourist visas will be charged at $6 and $15 respectively. 1 month and 3 months single entry business visas will be charged at $75 and $85 respectively.

Multiple Entries Visa: 1 month and 3 months multiple entries tourist visas will be charged at $8 and $20 respectively. 1 month and 3 months multiple entries business visas will be charged at $80 and $90 respectively.

When applying for Vietnam visa, you will have to pay the above-mentioned service fee depending on the type of visa you are applying for.

Apart from the service fee, you should also pay for the stamping fee, which is the price you are paying when collecting your visa from the landing desk at the destination airport.

For all single entry visas, $25 is the fee and for all multiple entries visas, $50 is the fee.

Visa on Arrival helps you to save money in the following ways:

  • No embassy visits, as the process is done entirely online. Hence, you save on travel expenses.
  • No more waiting in queues. Time is money.
  • One of the most affordable service fees from Vietnam Visa Cheap.
  • Full refund guarantee if your application is denied by the government, or if the agent’s service wasn’t on par with your expectations.

With all of the great benefits mentioned above, applying for Vietnam visa through Visa on Arrival is your best bet to get cheap Vietnam Visa. For any queries, or to get started on the application process, get in touch with Vietnam Visa Cheap today.