What is the best way to get Cheap Vietnam Visa for Hong Kong Citizens?

People tend to get confused when they want to apply for a Vietnam visa, or generally a visa for any country. But the truth is, with the power of the internet, it has become possible for travellers to apply for their visa right from any location, at a time that is convenient for them. The service, called Visa on Arrival has been introduced for a hassle-free visa application experience that is paired with e-visa Vietnam cost savings.

How Beneficial is Visa on Arrival:

To realise the true benefits of Visa on Arrival, you must understand the procedure of visa application through embassy first.

If you are applying for Vietnam visa through embassy, you will have to travel to the embassy office. You will also have to wait in the queue for some time depending on how many applicants show up on that day. Specific documents including your passport will have to be submitted during this process. The processing time for your application usually is longer and varies from embassy to embassy. Additionally, there will be multiple stipulated fees applicable for this conventional method of visa application.

If you are applying through the ‘Visa on Arrival’ online visa application program, all you have to do is to use your laptop to begin the process. Visit a credible visa agent’s website, such as Vietnam Visa Cheap, and get to the application page. Fill out the details and pay a nominal service charge to commence the process. A visa approval letter would be sent to your specified email ID. Print this letter and submit it at the landing desk of the destination airport to receive your stamped visa.

You could now see that there is no waiting in queues, no necessity of submitting any documents, and no hidden charges when applying for cheap Vietnam visa online. Be sure though that you are only dealing with a reputable e-visa service provider. Vietnam Visa Cheap has been one of the most reliable Vietnam e-visa services that provides assistance at the best rates in the industry.

Money Back Guarantee from Vietnam Visa Cheap:

Apart from their expertise and professional service that is sure to impart a smooth experience for their clients, Vietnam Visa Cheap also brings 100% money back guarantee. If, for any reason, the Vietnamese government has denied your visa application, the company will refund 100% of your money back. Additionally, those customers who are not happy with their service will also get a full refund.

The service charges applicable for Vietnam Visa applications are:

  • $6 for 1 month single entry tourist visa
  • $8 for 1 month multiple entries tourist visa
  • $25 for 3 months single entry tourist visa
  • $30 for 3 months multiple entries tourist visa
  • $80 for 1 month single entry business visa
  • $85 for 1 month multiple entries business visa
  • $95 for 3 months single entry business visa
  • $100 for 3 months multiple entries business visa

NOTE: For British passport holders in the UK, Vietnam offers visa exemption. However, Hong Kong Citizens who hold a British National Overseas (BNO) passport should apply for Vietnam visa.

A stamping fee, which is the official fee levied by the government is payable when you obtain your visa on arrival. With faster processing times, convenience of application, and quality assistance from professionals, Visa on Arrival is indeed your best choice to apply for Vietnam visa.

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