Vietnam – Destination For Adventure Lovers

Vietnam is endowed with natural resources and a diverse culture which makes it a unique tourist destination. The country also has a rich history that explains where it has come from dating back to 2000 BC. Vietnam has been under the influence of other cultures which makes it a special place to explore. The Chinese, Indian and Khmer cultures are all in Vietnam. The country has some hidden gems that you will find exciting and thrilling during your Vietnam travel. The information provided below give you a hint of what to expect in your tour of Vietnam.

Six features to entice you to travel to Vietnam

1. Magnificent Mountains and regions

Do you love mountain climbing? If your answer is yes, then Vietnam is the place to visit. The country is endowed with mountains such as Fansipan mountain with its highest peak Indochina. The hills present a good view of the country’s physical features.

Mountain climbers find it a fantastic experience for hiking in the mountains. The Cau Vang (Golden) Bridge is one of the best sites to watch on the top of a hill. The unique design of the bridge makes it adorable and fascinating to see.

2. Famous Beaches

The country is blessed to have a coastline that offers an excellent atmosphere to relax during a hot sunny day. You will have a chance to spend time with your loved ones in blue water and sandy beaches.

The beaches provide an excellent opportunity for the swimmers to execute their swimming skills while also participating in other water sporting activities such as kite running and windsurfing.

3. Natural Scenes

Vietnam is home of breathtaking natural scenes. There are many national parks in several parts of the country with the big five animals-Lion, Leopard, Buffalo, Rhino and elephant. You will enjoy watching birds perching on trees in forests such as the Cuc Phuong topical forest or Cat Ba forest, Red-shanked douc in Son Tra peninsula of Da Nang city.

4. Hospitality

Vietnam is the place to be if you would like to feel at home in a foreign land. The Vietnamese value people and you will get the experience that you won’t forget in your lifetime.

You will get welcomed with smiles from the locals who are ready to offer assistance to you regardless of the language barrier you may experience during your stay in Vietnam. Locals from Hue and Hoi An regions are recognized everywhere in the country for their warm welcome to nonlocals.

5. Beautiful Landscapes

A visit to Vietnam will never be written off in your memory if you love watching beautiful landscapes. There are breathtaking natural waterfalls such as the Niagara Falls and the Grand Canyon which will give a fascinating experience. If you crave for an adventure of a lifetime, then Son Doong is the place to visit. The site has a large cave made of Permian limestone and a river that passes through the cave. Adventure lovers will have a moment of excitement inside the caves.

6. Ha Long Bay

The climax of your tour experience in Vietnam is Ha Long Bay. Ha Long Bay is the home to many islands in the country and is located in the Northeastern part of the country. Visit the bay to have an exciting view of the beautiful islands covered with green vegetation.

Some of the breathtaking features include the tranquil emerald waters, the limestone islands, and the lush rainforests.

Come and see natural features that will forever remain in your memory once you return to your country. Ha Long Bay is known far and wide as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visit the Dau Be Island, Dau Go Island and Cat Ba Island to experience the nature’s beauty in Vietnam.

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