Vietnam Backpacking Tips

Nothing, not even the war movies with Vietnam backgrounds, can prepare you for the epic beauty of Vietnam.  Characterized by natural beauty, Vietnam’s exquisiteness is portrayed by the incredible mountains, striking landscapes, sacred temples, rice terraces, lovely coastlines, human-made artistry, intriguing cities, and delicious food.  The country is changing, and more and more people are visiting. It also has an improved network of roads and railways to get you around the country with ease.

The following tips will make your backpacking adventure a lot easier and more enjoyable.

What to pack for the trip

  • Proper footwear for the bumpy streets
  • Mosquito repellant
  • Rain jackets
  • A chargeable cell phone, travel adapter, and converter
  • Hiking boots for those adventurous activities
  • First aid kit
  • Polarized sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • A backpack
  • For the ladies some tampons or pads.

How to move around

There are various ways to get around Vietnam depending on your budget. This include:

Flying – This is convenient, and there are several airlines to choose from including AirAsia, VietJet and Vietnam Airlines.

Bus – Buses in Vietnam offer less hassle and are probably the cheapest mode of travel. Backpackers love this option since there are several bus companies available with flexible time schedules. The buses also offer toilets and comfortable seats.

Train – This may not be your cheapest or fastest mode of travel, but the experience is fantastic. They are comfortable and great for overnight Vietnam travel.

Motorbike – Riding a bike is a thriving an exciting way to experience Vietnam. You can drive within the city or choose to travel with it throughout the country.  You can rent or buy one depending on your budget, and this will include gas and breakdown expenses.

Boat – This may not be a cheap option, but a visit to an island like Phu Quoc or Ha Long Bay may require a boat ride.

Hitchhiking – This is the cheapest way to experience Vietnam. However, be conversant with the language or have a translating app to ease communication with locals.

Expense tips

It’s always great to travel to new cities and countries, but one has to be careful about how they spend their money. While in Vietnam:

Do some research before booking a tour. Find a well-organized one at reasonable prices.

Before you set down to eat at any establishment, find out the price of the food you order. It helps you avoid the risk of paying above price when settling the bill.

Know your maths or at least have a calculator on the ready when paying for services or items. You also have to carefully count your money well before paying for any goods or services.

What to eat

Vietnam provides travelers with the incredible opportunity to taste some exotic and very diverse food. They can make food taste sweet, sour and spicy at the same time! Their rich culinary culture combined with a little French influence makes the food incredibly delicious. The food is also cheap regardless of whether you dine on the streets or at a restaurant.

Is Vietnam Safe?

The country is full of life. However, as a traveler, you have to be aware of your surroundings all the time. Apart from some few pickpockets and scam artist, the country offers an incredible experience.

For those looking to visit the country, go with an open mind. Backpacking the country is incredible, and there are many incredible sights to see. The locals are also friendly, and willing to share their rich culture. Hope our backpacking tips were insightful and helpful. Safe travels and have fun!