Tips to travel to Vietnam with a baby

Vietnam is one of the most peaceful countries in Southeast Asia. Apart for that, it is the friendliest country on those parts of the world. So if somebody as you if it is a good idea to travel to Vietnam with your baby or toddlers, the simple and direct answer is yes.  Of course to travel to Vietnam with a baby can only be hectic on your part but not the part of your host, which is Vietnam. Who on earth will fear visiting a friendly and peaceful country with his/her kids and babies? Of course, there is no course to raise an alarm when it comes to visiting Vietnam with your baby.

Of course some small kids would not remember anything during the visit to other places. But science has proven that when kids travel, it helps them become adaptable to many circumstances and environments. Other than carrying your baby with your aiming that he/she will learn something might be a wrong reason but for purposes of exposure to different environment and circumstances, it’s one of the wisest ideas you shall have made. When a baby is able to adapt to new circumstances and environments, it helps them enhance their mental and physical health. Other than that, to travel to Vietnam with a baby helps you family maintain benefit of family bond because the family is allowed to spend time together not only at home but also away from home. This also beneficial because you kids are going to discover kid-friendly activities in other foreign country.

Tips to know when you travel with your baby to Vietnam

Although it will do you no harm to carry your baby with you on your visit to Vietnam, there are certain crucial information that you need to take as tips to keep you comfortable and avoid your holiday to Vietnam being spoilt by travelling with your baby.

Bring with you enough baby food

Obviously your baby may not have it enough only with breast feeding. Therefore, prior to travel to Vietnam with a baby ensure that you carry enough amount of baby food. Ready-made baby foods are not so much in Vietnam. Mixture of rice, porridge and some mixture of meat and vegetables are some of the common baby foods that are available for Vietnam babies. Although you can find some baby foods in large supermarkets in large cities like Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, you may not find same brand of baby food same as that in your country.

Have a baby carrier or stroller

You need to have a stroller to help you in your movements in areas with larger pedestrian pavements like the French Quarter or from the airport. You can get your baby a three-wheel collapsible stroller for convenience and help you reduce the load of languages.  On the other hand, if you are commuting to small streets like Old Quarter, where the pedestrian pavements are narrow or bumpy, baby carrier is the best option. The baby is kept comfortable or even asleep as you move around within sceneries like temple and pagodas.


Vietnam being a very conservative county, so it would be appropriate if breastfeeding is done in as modest way as possible. You can find a private place and breastfeed your baby or get a large-enough scarf and comfortably breastfeed you baby if in public.