The Best of Vietnam Tourism, Tours, and Leisure 2019

For decades, Vietnam has seen tremendous improvement in all the sectors. With an exceptional history, a rich culture, an irresistible cuisine, hospitable locals, an incredible natural beauty, and beautiful architecture, there is always something for everyone. Tourism in Vietnam is an essential aspect of the country’s economy, and Vietnam has become one of South-East Asia’s travel destinations. Read on to find;

The best ways to see Vietnam

The moment you land in Vietnam, expect nothing but an adventure-filled tour. You will get to see the breathtaking beaches, beautiful cities with a captivating architecture, a cuisine that will leave your taste buds begging for more and expect to smile more because the locals are super friendly.

How to explore Vietnam like a pro

  • If you come in through Hanoi, the capital, head to the countryside, away from the city to recover from your flight. Bat Trang, pottery and porcelain village where the local artisans combine both local and modern techniques to create excellent porcelain products, is an ideal place to purchase a Vietnamese ceramic item.

  • You can get back to the city which has lots of places to discover like; The Ho Chi Minh Complex and see the mausoleum of Ho Chi Minh (the founder of modern Vietnam) to see his embalmed body before it gets taken to Russia for maintenance. The Temple of Literature which was Vietnam’s first university is also a must-visit place. In the evening, when the night is still young, stroll down the Old Quarter and hunt for the best Pho in the local restaurants, then buy a souvenir in one of the stalls. Visit the Thang Long Puppet theatre and get a taste of Vietnamese culture getting showcased by the water puppets.

  • Take a cruise to Halong Bay; a UNESCO recognized heritage dotted with thousands of islands and islets, beaches, floating villages, and limestone caves. Don’t rush, take your time to see this mesmerizing destination because there is much that you can’t see in a day.

  • Visit Hoi An, an ancient town which gets adorned with beautiful Chinese temples, pagodas, French-colonial houses, the magnificent Japanese bridge, and wooden-shop houses (which have got redesigned to modern touristy businesses), when the night sets in, head to the Hoi An Riverside, which gets lit by old-fashioned lanterns making it look heavenly. You can still buy a lamp to take home.

  • If you love beaches, you can go to the calm, quiet and enchanting An Bang Beach which gets dotted with white sands, Palapas, and eateries. The Cham Islands are also a must- experience destination (and you can only access it seven months a year) which is home to 202 different types of fish, 135 coral species, five species of lobsters, and 84 species of mollusk. The island also gets blessed with crystal clear waters and coral reefs.

  • Don’t miss a six-day trek from Sapa through the lush green rice paddies, the hillside villages, and head to the Hoang Lien National park.

Vietnam tours

There are lots of trips in Vietnam which are usually a group or private guided, and you can opt to go in the morning or afternoon. Some of the tours include:

  • My Son Sanctuary (from Hoi an) early morning tour where you will stroll along the abandoned Hindu temples which got built between 4th and 14th century AD by the Champa kings.


  • Cu Chi tunnels morning or afternoon guided tour where you will get a sneak-peak of the underground tunnels used during the Vietnam War. The communist guerilla troops used to lobby surprise attacks, transport communication and supplies, and lay booby traps, then go underground to hide.

  • Full Day Hoa Lu and Tam Coc. A small group tour and lunch buffet. Learn more about the countryside, culture, and history.

Leisure in Vietnam

There is a wide range of leisure activities to enjoy in Vietnam. Some of them include;

  • Swimming, kayaking, scuba diving, boat riding, and cycling in the picturesque Mekong Delta.
  • Sledding in the orange dunes of Mui Ne and exploring its white-sand beaches.
  • Suoi Tien Park in Ho Chi Minh City, which has an amusement park, ideal for kids which has a dinosaur garden, an artificial beach, a zoo, and a roller coaster.
  • The sport’s to keep you active during your trips such as martial arts, golf, Kite surfing, and snorkeling.
  • Sapa is also ideal for hiking as it is mountainous.

If you have not been to Vietnam, you have no idea what you are missing. From incredible tourist destinations with well-organized tours to various activities to engage in, Vietnam is indeed worth exploration. Try it, and you will love it to bits.

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