Travel To Vietnam in October

Vietnam in October is incredible! The leaves turn to yellow with mild temperatures and dry air in the North. Central Vietnam experiences some rain, but the region is still as beautiful as ever. The drizzle makes for perfect poems and art from the many generations that visit during this time. The south has steady temperatures with significantly less rain. The coast, however, experiences storms and sometimes floods, and this can hold off your trip for weeks.

Places to Visit while in Vietnam in October


Autumn begins in October in Vietnam, and it’s the most beautiful season. The days are cool and dry, making it a great time to explore Hanoi’s colonial buildings and streets. The month is also significant since it marks the month Hanoi was chosen as the capital of Vietnam by Ly Cong Uan king. It’s also the month celebrating women’s day. The streets will, therefore, be colorful most of the month with flowers sold along the streets.

If you love Vietnamese poetry and songs, then you will notice that Hanoi features in them due to its beauty and romance during this month. The fragrant milk flowers line the streets creating a romantic feeling and perfuming the streets with their sweet perfume.  The leaves also change color during this month, and it’s a beautiful sight.

October visits to Hanoi will wow you with the many couples taking wedding photos in their traditional wedding dresses either in the old quarter or romantic roads like Kim Ma, and Xuan Dieu. Others will be at parks, the cathedral, and the Opera house. Your Vietnam tour in October will be magical. Enjoy Hanoi’s dry atmosphere, warm sunlight and cool breeze.


The mountainous landscapes become striking in October. They are a sight to behold! It’s like nature is presenting an incredible masterpiece – a view you can never get tired admiring. The atmosphere and humidity are also perfect although a bit chilly.

October for Sapa is also harvesting month. The lush terraced fields become highlighted by the green forests, making the landscape perfect for a postcard picture.  The terraced rice fields appear like a yellow golden ladder and elicits beautiful emotions.

Climb the heaven gate or be part of the Love Market Saturdays. It’s also a great time to visit the H’Mong people found in Cat Cat Village, the Old French Villas or visit the Silver Waterfall at 100m high.

Ha Giang

The beautiful mountain province of Ha Giang is in Northern Vietnam. October marks the end of the wet season for the region and is the best time for travelers to the area. The climate becomes soothing and relaxing. The buckwheat flowers line the mountain scenery making it breathtaking.

Visit the Ma Pi Leng Pass, Dong Van town, Hoang Su Phi covered with rice terrace fields, Ha Giang museum and the Khau Vai Love market for the best experiences. Enjoy their delicious culinary dishes including pic, glutinous rice, chicken, horse meat and so much more.

What to wear during a trip to Vietnam in October

North Vietnam

The weather is hot especially in Ha Long and Ninh Binh, so carry some light clothing. Linen or lightweight cotton trousers. You can get flip flops, hats, and clothes at a low price while here.

Sapa can get cold during the night. Pack some merino wool to help with the warmth. Get some good walking boots. Flip flops can get slippery due to the wetness so get some sandals that can fit socks. Pack a lightweight raincoat too.

Central Vietnam

Carry a bikini, shorts, swimwear, sunglasses, sunscreen and a good hat. Also, pack some good sandals for hiking around town. The weather here is hot but carry some lightweight raincoat in preparation for the stormy season.

South Vietnam

Don’t worry too much about what to pack while here. However, the mornings and late afternoons can get colder so carry a light jacket. Have some sandals in case it rains while the sun is still shinning. Some long pants, shorts or sleeveless tops are also ideal.

Whatever month you visit Vietnam, remember to wear conservative clothing when visiting churches or temples. No bare skin and just a few simple pieces of jewelry. Carry a mosquito repellent and a plastic bag to protect your phones and cameras against water. Download a weather app to help with weather forecasts. Most of all, remember to enjoy your stay in Vietnam.