Travel to Vietnam in November

Weather in November is cool and dry, this makes the best time to visits Vietnam. In the south, the skies are blue and sunshine at its best making the beaches a lovely place to be at that particular time this weather stretches from November to April. However, the weather will not be the same over the 2000 miles of coast in Vietnam. In November the south is predominantly cool and dry while in the north the mountains are cold and have even been known to be snowy. The central regions are as well receiving their fair share of rain around this time.

You can visit the following areas around Vietnam in the cool, month of November:

Sandy beaches

The sandy beaches in central Vietnam like the Mui Ne – Phan Thiet. The landscape is beautiful; the skies are blue. The scenery is amazing and the cuisines delicious.

You can also visit the Ho Tram beach which is cool and stable. The sea is pristine and clear and is surrounded by beautiful scenery.

The beach of Long Hai is also a cool area all year round. It is convenient for bathing and relaxing making it an enchanting place to be.

The cities

The cool, weather makes it ideal for you to immerse yourself in the beauty of the towns such as the Ho Chi Minh city.

The Hanoi city where you can experience the beauty of autumn and also the beautiful experience of the Halong bay


You can also visit the villages where you can see the beauty of flowered farms. This can be seen in Ba Phach village, Moc Chau farm among other places.


In this ideal whether you can set out to visit the lakes like West Lake in Hanoi, Ba Be Lake in Bac Kan and broaden your scope of adventure and offer you a chance to learn the local culture and to experience the best of the untouched scenery.

The mountains

This presents an exciting adventure laced with thrilling activities that you are set to experience in the Sapa mountains, Ha Giang mountains, Con Dao island among many other places.

Night markets

You can visit the night markets in Vietnam and buy souvenirs that you can take with you back home and top it all there are various places that you can go have a drink as you learn about the Vietnamese culture and people while still enjoying the weather in Vietnam.

There is no right or wrong time to visit Vietnam. Your choice of activity, however, will determine when would be the appropriate time for you to visit Vietnam. if you are looking to visit the coasts on the south, go on the junk cruise, or visit the sandy beaches then you are better visiting Vietnam in November but if you would like to go hiking in the mountains then you can go between May and October. Whichever the activity you choose welcome to Vietnam and experience fun and adventure on a whole different scale. If you are lucky you can get to visit all these places.