Travel to Vietnam in July Weather

Most travel fanatics can agree that summer is the best time to travel. Nothing comes close to lying on white beaches and enjoying the cool ocean breeze, sunset walks and the ease in the maneuver. Yes, the summer has been the norm of travel and who wouldn’t; the light packing is always an advantage.  The rainy season however never gets credit. In Vietnam, the month of July is hot but humid. The country experiences the “Vietnam rainy season” and when most people here’s this – they immediately start looking for other alternatives.

The rainy season can be dull from flooding and the heavy clothing, but keep in mind this does not mean that there is a constant deluge of rain every time every day, maybe just an hour of slight pour every day. Most people are afraid of this dullness and think that it will ruin their vacation, but for those who are after an authentic travel experience and local culture exposure, Vietnam in July will be a delight for you.

How is the weather in Vietnam in July?

In most countries, the month of July is the wettest. There is a constant downpour, cold and dullness. The rain is mainly 11 inches, and the flooding in the streets is unavoidable. It is not different in Vietnam. Southern Vietnam the rainy season runs through July, the weather is mainly hot and humid. The Northern part of Vietnam is similar to the South, but the difference is the temperature varies more in the North, and it gets chilly.

Why should you travel to Vietnam during the rainy season?

Where best to experience a tropical climate?  Beyond the Vietnam movies, most people have no idea what Vietnam is all about. The rainy season is a new way to know how other people manage in this weather that is deemed undesirable. July is considered a mixed bag of weather; however, it is an excellent time to experience Vietnam in general.

Under the heat, the Con Dao Island owns a complicated beauty. The island is home to turtles laying eggs and baby turtle’s hutching as this is their nesting season. Besides the white sandy beaches, there is the Con Dao prison where foreigners can learn more about Vietnam culture, and the delicious seafood is one more factor drawing visitors to the island.

The charming capital of Vietnam has aged well. Hanoi has preserved monuments, colonial architecture and the Old Quarter while making room for modern developments. It is home to many temples, and you can explore by taxi so even in the slight downpour, you are dry and comfortable. Walking in the capital is like time travel, taking you back to the colonial moments and it is as vivid as possible.

Aside from site viewing and mouth-watering dishes, ponchos are also worth the lookout. In the world of fashion, ponchos are a must have in the rainy season. Every local will be under this clothing and the fabrics, colors, and designs will definitely wow you. You might even purchase one as a souvenir.  The rain will be an accurate measure of your photography skills. It is easy to snap a good picture in the sun, but the storm will test your limits.