Travel Guard® Vietnam

Travel Guard is a plan that offers travel insurance, assistance in emergency situations during the journey. Traveling to Vietnam requires travel insurance. Not because Vietnam is not a safe country but just for general emergency purposes. The Vietnam guard covers the following:

  • Accidents: Unforeseen accidents from bicycles, motorcycles, vehicles or other dangerous activities such as hiking, trekking and diving may happen in the cause if the journey.
  • Emergency medical evacuation: This simply means that one’s transportation is covered for if the sickly insured person requires transportation to another medical facility or requires transportation out if the hospital after being treated.
  • Hostage: In a situation where one is held hostage for purposes of ransom.
  • Accident death and disability: Injuries caused to the body of the insured which might result in loss of life or losses of body parts to the insured within the 90days after the incident.
  • Kidnap: Covers any events that lead to injuries as a result of being taken by force.
  • Travel document: expenses resulting from loss of documents such as air tickets and passports.
  • Laptop computer: covers including everything that comes with the laptops. Portable gadgets like phones are excluded in this case.
  • Medical expenses: This includes all the medical expenses incurred during the hospital stay or visits whether through medical check-ups due to injuries or treatment process, medical purpose transportation and drug supplies that were incurred during the visit overseas.
  • Repatriation to home country: When the insured person dies as a result of injury or sickness while overseas within a period of 30 days after the injury the insurance will organize for their return back to their home country. It may also include any services during the process and the supplies made.
  • Hospital visitation and compassionate visit: the company pays for expenses used by the relative during visitations at the hospital.
  • Child guard: covers expenses incurred by the relative in accompanying the child.
  • Public transport cover: In the event of the travel and the insured person uses a public means of transport, gets into an accident and results in death compensation has to be made.
  • Travel cancelation: This is when the trip is canceled for some valid reasons.
  • Postponement of the travel: If the trip is postponed for a reason,
  • Delayed package: If he coached to the insured has been tampered with or delayed by the carrier 8 hours after their arrival.
  • Travel document: covers expenses as a result of Loss of important documents such as tickets and passports.
  • Delays: Insured is compensated for every full six hours of wait for transport means.

Acquisition Of Travelguard Vietnam

  • Travel guard can be acquired online through the companies that offer. Only a few personal details will be asked.

Requirements To Making Claims

  • A complete travel claim form
  • The original insurance policy
  • A photocopy of passport and air ticket
  • Proof of the duration of the trip
  • Documents to support the incident and the amount claimed.

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