Health Insurance For Traveling to Vietnam

In one way or another, you will absolutely agree with me on the fact that accidents do happen. Health insurance is quite necessary for travel to Vietnam basically because their private sector health cares are quite expensive and the public sectors require a permit and upfront cash to be attended to. In addition to evacuation, the fee is very high in Vietnam.

To be on the safe side it is advisable to check if your health insurance company covers both treatment and evacuation. Most wealthy Vietnamese and expats go to Bangkok and Singapore to get better medical facilities and services. There are many options for expats looking for insurance in Vietnam all depending on your health needs and the kind of cover you might want. One can secure health insurance in Vietnam using either travel, local or international plans.

Travel insurance

This is the most common plan. It is purchased by most travelers who are going on vacations or short trips. Travel insurance can easily be purchased. But just like any other plans, it has its advantages and disadvantages.


  • cheap and easy to purchase
  • fit if you are going for short trips or vacations
  • covers travel benefits such as trip cancelations, lost luggage.
  • can as well cover minor health-related issues.


  • health benefits are very low
  • underlying health conditions are not included
  • travel insurance health benefits are planned in a way that they get you well and fit enough for you to travel back to your home country.

Local insurance

Local insurance simply means the coverage from the private health sector that is availed by the local providers. It is a bit expensive than travel insurance with better benefits.


  • Preexisting medical conditions may be included
  • Fit for travelers whose stay will exceed a year or just a year.
  • Other optional covers such as outpatient or maternity services may be included
  • The local insurers that offer the plan have good knowledge of the health system in the country, therefore they will definitely recommend the best plan for you.


  • Does not offer travel insurance related covers
  • Restrictions on health facilities you can visit
  • Coverage is solely within Vietnam health, services outside Vietnam will require a different plan.

International insurance

This is a comprehensive medical plan that offers extensive coverage. It offers choices on which private or public hospital sector, health care personnel as well as other benefits. International insurance is best for regular travelers who will reside in Vietnam frequent.


  • It can be used anywhere in the world without having to purchase different local or travel insurance
  • The benefits and limit levels are great
  • Extensive coverage maternity, optical and dental care included
  • Preexisting medical care is covered
  • Health care can be sought from a wide range of specialists and health facilities at any place.


  • More expensive than travel and local health insurance
  • Excessive coverage for those who have no travel planned
  • The plan may not be recognized in some country as meeting entry requirements.

How to buy health insurance in Vietnam

One does not have to reach Vietnam to get health insurance. You can get it from the wide range of companies that offer health insurance covers.