Shopping in Phu Quoc island

Do you want to have a mix of fun and thrilling experiences such as kite surfing together with street walking in the most beautiful shopping centers Vietnam has? If you answer is yes, then the Island of Phu Quoc has precisely the kind of treat you seek. The shopping areas you will find in Phu Quoc is characterized by gorgeous street markets. Sounds of buyers and sellers can be heard agreeing on the products prices full of joy evident for those in agreement. You will have the opportunity to evaluate your negotiation ability for rates in a foreign land by shopping on the island.

Below are Phu Quoc shopping areas to visit during your Vietnam travel

Duong Dong Market

You will see Duong Dong market in the street of Tran Phu. The market is generally busy during the day as it’s the largest open market shopping area on the island. Fresh produce such as fruits, vegetables, cereals, and fish are all here. The market has a close distance to the port of Duong Dong which has a lot of fishing activities. Here the supply of seafood is high among them are shellfish, squids, and barracudas among others. Before leaving the island ensure to taste the delicious Vietnamese fish sauce and cashew nuts. You will also find a handful stalls selling clothes and artifacts to visiting tourists. Feel free to get one t-shirt for yourself as a souvenir from this area.

Long beach village

Life along the beach is an experience you shouldn’t miss during your Vietnam travel. Visitors get to enjoy many activities such as sunbathing, swimming, and even shopping. That’s because trader here do not leave anything to chances when it comes to providing all of your needs. You will find several displays of artworks, beachwear, Vietnamese fashion in the stalls within the Long beach village. Besides this shopping areas, you will see several hotels, resorts, and guests houses ready to book in any visiting tourist at a fee. You will find the beautiful Long beach village by visiting the street of Tran Hang Dao.

Pearl farm

Pearl farm is a must visit for any tourist visiting Phu Quoc area in Vietnam. Treasures From the Deep is the company responsible for the birth of the pearl farm in the year 1988. The primary purpose of the pearl farm formation is to give tourists chances to learn pearl production. The farm also provides an avenue for pearl products trading such as bracelets, necklaces, and bangles. Once at the Duong Dong area, it will take you only 10 minutes to reach the famous pearl farm. While there ensure to get a lovely bracelet to bring home as a gift for your loved one.

The Green Boutique Shop

Looking beautiful with flawless skin is an admiration for any traveler, and you won’t be an exception. The Green boutique in Phu Quoc has the solution to all your skin and beauty worries. That’s because the boutique has the best reputation for handling reliable hair and skin care applications. A fantastic feature about the beauty products here is that they are all natural and handmade. They, therefore, do not cause any allergies and apply to all skin types.

Find purpose in your Vietnam travel by visiting these beautiful shopping areas in Phu Quoc.