Mui Ne Nightlife

Mui Ne is a pristine and relaxing beach on the South Vietnam Sea, with consistent tropical weather all year round. The beach destination, which is best-known to its visitors for the silky sand and crystal-clear ocean waters, is just four hours ride away from Saigon. However, there are quite many other transportation options to choose from, especially given that the beach is in close proximity to Phan Thiet city.

The quiet beach offers the best opportunity for exploration during the day but at nightfall, life springs from all corners of the beach in a way that is not experienced during the daytime. For any visitor, an out-of-this-world nightlife experience combines the elements the following elements:

  • Affordability
  • Fun

And that is exactly what Mui Ne nightlife offers.

Limited Options, More Fun

The reality is that Mui Ne nightlife does not offer so much to choose from, but even with such limited options come diversity and uniqueness that are most sought for by visitors. On a couple of nights, one can visit the watering holes, have a meal at the eat-and-drink restaurants or enjoy a cocktail at the hippy lounges lined up along the beach. Across all these places are hearty services that will leave your heart melting, cozy interior designs that spur up the nightlife taste, and relaxing and romantic ambiance that is apt for lovebirds visiting Mui Ne beach. For those who got more energy at nightfall, Mui Ne also offers wild partying scenes.

What is even more amazing about Mui Ne nightlife is the fact that a program that ran last night will not be the same run the following night so as to keep it fresh and dynamic. The bonfire dancing, cultural nights, and among others, movie shows are fresh each day and with freshness comes dynamic and new experiences for even an individual who has been here for a week.

Drinking and Partying

There are a number of places recommended for one to visit to fully appreciate the nightlife offers at Mui Ne. One such place is Old Fashioned Bar, the only mixology bar in the entire beach at an amazing location with mind-blowing cocktail offerings. As the name insinuates, this rather small but cozy place will keep one drinking and having that casual drink-and-talk all night long at just 80,000 VND. The bar opens early in the day at around 10 AM but activities peak at nightfall, keeping visitors hooked to it with its unique embrace.

However, there are those who are for the party and for such, Mui Ne nightlife does not disappoint. One party venue at the beach is the Déjà Vu Bar and Restaurant. Here, Mui Ne goes over and above generic partying senses to provide more unique and diverse sitting areas. From the artistic living rooms with pool tables to the tropical garden with a playground for children, Déjà Vu Bar and Restaurant caters for all ages with amazing offerings that cannot be found elsewhere around the beach.

There are many more reasons to visit Mui Ne and experience its nightlife. The chosen areas and issues serve to provide a glimpse into what is a wide variety of nightlife offerings at the beach. Perhaps the best way to verify the information is to give it a shot — visit Mui Ne beach and wait for its life to spring at nightfall.

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