The most annoying things that can happen to you while traveling

Wherever you travel in the world, you’re bound to face some annoyances. While traveling is always depicted as something fun, exciting, life changing, etc, let’s face it – it can also be a big pain. And that’s the beauty of traveling, anything can happen to us and we have to learn how to deal with the problems that come our way.

Let’s take a look at some of the most annoying things that can happen to you while traveling (and laugh about it together).

1. Missed flights

This is not just annoying, it’s also incredibly frustrating, and at times even scary. There are several reasons for why we miss flights. Sometimes you miss your connecting flight because your flight was delayed, other times you miss it because you they changed gates without your knowledge, and the list goes on and on. But when this happens, the most important thing to do is to go straight to Information and ask them what steps you need to take. I’ve missed my flights about 3 times now, and everytime I’ve been lucky enough to get on a later flight. But if it wasn’t your fault, and you need to sleep on the airport, the flight company are required to help you.

2. Getting blisters on your feet

If you’ve been walking with boots or sneakers the whole winter and all of a sudden changes to flip flops or sandals, your feet will most likely get blisters. You’re also probably walking a lot more than you’re used to, and blisters are bound to happen. You’re starting to drag your feet because it hurts so much and the band aids you bought don’t really help. Getting blisters hurt – a lot – and when you’re in a warm country, band aid doesn’t really stick on your feet for longer than a few minutes. It’s annoying, but the best thing to do then is to simply change shoes and let your feet rest.

3. Food poison

This is definitely one of the absolute worst things that can happen to you while traveling. When you’re exploring a new country, you want to try new food and you want to eat the street food. But then later at night, you discover that your stomach isn’t working as it’s supposed to and you’re feeling the nausea taking over. Food poison doesn’t affect you in just one day – your body will feel tired for days and it takes long to recover. What you need to do when you get food poisoned is to first of all, go to a doctor if it’s bad! Drink lots of water and make sure that you don’t lose more than you consume. As of food, the best thing is to eat boiled potatoes or salty crackers. Avoid fats and heavy food such as fried food.

4. Not being able to communicate in the same language

You’re walking around and a local is starting to speak to you in their language and you would love to be able to respond and talk, but you simply can’t because none of you speak the same language. Not only is this frustrating, it’s also annoying when you’re trying to explain something and no one understands anything. Learning a few words in every country you go to is very useful and will get you further than you think, but learning every language fluently is a bit harder. Thankfully, we have body language, which is more useful than we might think.

5. Staying in dorms

If you’re a backpacker on budget, you’re probably going to choose the cheapest places to sleep in. And the cheapest hostels are usually the big, party hostels, where you’ll sleep with 15 other people in one dorm. Although hostels is a great place to meet people, it can also be incredibly annoying, depending on where you stay and with who. We’ve all lost a lot of sleep because of someone snoring loudly entire night, or because people are slamming the door and going back and forth. If you’re losing a lot of sleep, you won’t be able to enjoy your travels as much, so the best thing to do then is to check in to a private room. Not necessarily at the hostel, but treat yourself for an AirBnb or somewhere where you get some privacy for at least one night. Trust me, just one night makes a big difference, and you don’t have to splurge to get a private room somewhere.

6. Bed bugs

Bed bugs. The little creatures who come at night to bite you. You might think that bed bugs only exists in places that seem dirtier, but that’s just a myth. In fact, bed bugs spread and if one traveler has gotten bed bugs from one place and checks in to a 5 star hotel, it’s likely that the bed bugs can spread to that room. If you think you’ve gotten bed bug bites, make sure that you put everything in the laundry machine in hot temperature, vacuum your bag and let the owners know they have bed bugs, so it won’t spread to anyone else.