Best Beaches in Phu Quoc

If you’re heading to Vietnam for a relaxing beach getaway, the beautiful island of Phu Quoc should be your destination. Phu Quoc is surrounded with stunning white sand beaches, making it a perfect place to relax and unwind during your trip to the country. As the largest island in Vietnam, Phu Quoc is home to a number of excellent beaches. The south and western areas of the island are increasingly being developed and where you’ll find lots of major construction going on. However, the north and eastern coast of Phu Quoc is still relatively quiet. If you’re wondering where to go for the best beaches in Phu Quoc, then here’s a list to guide you through.

1. Bai Sao

Bai Sao, also known as the Star Beach, is no doubt, one of the most beautiful beaches in the island. It has spotlessly white and smooth sand and there’s often a large number of starfish spilling on the shore during sunset, which is why it’s called the “Star Beach”. If you’re heading to Vietnam with the kids, this is one of the best beaches in Phu Quoc to visit. Your little ones will surely enjoy exploring the shore especially with starfishes scattered all over it.

Since Bai Sao is one of the most popular beaches in Phu Quoc, you can expect for this place to get crowded at certain times. Nevertheless, it’s a great place to relax and unwind after exploring the busy cities of Vietnam. There are also lots of good restaurants nearby and you’ll find massage therapists offering massage to some tourists by the shore.

2. Bai Truong


Bai Truong is located in the southwest area of the island. It’s also called “Long Beach” since it’s the longest beach on the island. It’s a beautiful beach where you can enjoy the cool and fresh air as you relax by the shore. If you’re fond of long walks by the shore especially during sunset or sunrise, then this is the best place to be.

Since Bai Trung is a popular beach, the place is surrounded with luxurious hotels, resorts, high-end restaurants, shops, and a yacht club. Thus, you can expect a huge crowd in this area. However, this is where you can also dine at the best restaurants on the island, serving fresh and delicious seafood.

3. Bai Dai


Bai Dai is located in the northwest portion of Phu Quoc and is among the less crowded beaches in the island. It has a long stretch of fine white sand with beautiful turquoise waters. The area where the beach is located is still undeveloped. Unlike the more popular beaches that are surrounded by high-end restaurants, you’ll only find a handful of seafood shacks in this area. However, this might change soon as the country’s major developers are planning to develop this area.

Bai Dai is a great beach to visit if you want to enjoy a quiet and peaceful atmosphere as you soak up the gorgeous scenery. It’s great for couples on honeymoon and wanted to relax in a more secluded beach, away from the busy tourist crowds.

4. Ganh Dau Beach


Another beach that’s located in the remote area of Phu Quoc is the Ganh Dau Beach. It’s in the northwestern tip of the island, surrounded with beautiful white sand and fringed palm trees. There’s a lively fishing village in the area that has the same name, where you will find wooden fishing boats moored offshore. The area is close to Cambodia and some Cambodian islands are only a few kilometers away from here.

Since Ganh Dau is located beside a local village, this is a great beach to visit if you want to have a peek into the life of local villagers who make a living out of fishing. You’ll also find a local market where freshly caught seafood is being sold at very affordable prices.

5. Bai Rạch Tram

Also known as the Rach Tram Beach, Bai Rach Tram is the most remote of all the beaches in Phu Quoc, and thus, it’s often the least visited. Because of that, you can expect a very serene and peaceful environment in this untouched beach. The beach is long and lovely and surrounded with densely forested hills.

Just like Ganh Dau, Bai Rach Tram is also close to a fishing village. Unfortunately, you’ll find some trash strewn around the bay in some areas on the beach, which is truly upsetting. Nevertheless, the beach is often empty, which is great for travellers who wanted to venture off-the-beaten-paths.

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