The best dishes in Asia

Every year, millions of tourists from all over the world flock to Asia. Some do the classic “Banana Pancake Trail” while others do a different route. But whatever your itinerary is, you’ll be sure to bump into some incredible cuisine while traveling in Asia. The food here is flavorful, spicy, hearty and will make you want to come back for more. Some dishes in Asia stand out more than others and we’re going to take a look at what those dishes are.

1. Kottu

Sri Lanka’s famous street food is one of the tastiest dishes you’ll encounter while traveling in Asia. It’s also one of the more unique dishes. It’s chopped flatbread mixed with either meat, such as chicken, or with vegetables and a ton of cheese. Kottu usually has a lot of spices so if you’re looking for a dish that has tons of flavor, this is the one. You’ll see it wherever you go in Sri Lanka, there’s probably not one single place that doesn’t sell kottu.

Tip: Try the “dolphin kottu” if you can. Although it may sound like it, it’s not dolphin meat. They just use larger pieces of roti and is usually quite spicy and creamy. It’s a must-try!

2. Sushi

Going to Japan, it’s inevitable to not go to a sushi train. It’s half the fun of traveling there! Japanese food has long been known worldwide and if there’s one dish you should try when you’re in Japan, it’s their sushi. You can have both very affordable sushi (opt for the sushi trains) or you can go to more exclusive restaurants. Either way, sushi is one of the most delicious dishes in Asia and the ones you find in Japan are the best.

3. Pad Thai

One of the most beloved dishes in Thailand, this one’s a classic and can be eaten wherever and whenever. But the best one is definitely found in Thailand. The wok-fried noodle dish has gotten so popular that you can now find pad thai in many other countries outside of Thailand. Don’t be afraid to try the street food in Thailand, usually they have the best pad thai.

4. Pho

It’s always a mystery how to pronounce the word “pho”, but it’s always fun to see the locals reactions when you ask for a bowl of warm, delicious pho. It’s one of the best noodle soups in the world and people actually come to Vietnam just to have a bowl of pho. It originates from the north but spread when people fled to the south. Now you can find pho almost everywhere in Vietnam. They say the best ones are found up north, but each to their own taste. Pho can be served with chicken, beef, shrimps and there’s also vegetarian options. Squeeze some lime juice on top of it and add sriracha hot sauce for the ultimate pho experience.

5. Banh Mi

If we’re bringing up food from Vietnam, it’s impossible to miss out on the famous “banh mi”, which is a Vietnamese style baguette, filled with all kinds of delicious things. The classic one is with pate, meat, vegetables and hot sauce. But you can also find vegan banh mi’s, although they’re a bit more difficult to find. It’s one of Vietnam’s most beloved street food and also one of the cheapest you can get. They usually cost between 15-20.000 dong, which is around 1 dollar, so if you’re on a tight budget, you can go and eat a banh mi. They’re very filling, tasty and you’ll long to eat banh mi’s long after you’ve left Vietnam.

6. Udon Noodles

You can mostly find udon noodles in Japan or Korea, but the famous dish has spread to many other Asian countries too. The thick noodle dish is simple, yet so delicious. You can either eat it as a noodle soup or fried. It’s a must when you visit Japan and/or Korea.

7. Taiwanese Cold Noodles with Peanut Sauce

Never has something so simple tasted so good. This incredible street food dish can be found in Taiwan and is usually eaten for lunch, but you can eat it whenever. It’s also one of the most affordable dishes in Taiwan so make sure you eat as plates of cold noodles as you can before leaving beautiful Taiwan.

8. Dim Sum

Who can forget the famous dim sum? If you’re going to Hong Kong, it’s the place to eat it. You can have it steam cooked or fried, and they work well as either an appetizer or together with a bigger meal. Or why not just order a ton of dumplings and eat it as a main dish? It’s filling, incredibly tasty and so diverse. You can have all kinds of dim sum, either stuffed with meat, vegetables, and even taro.