Key things to know about Vietnam

Vietnam can be a tricky country to travel around in. It’s one of the easiest and safest countries in Southeast Asia, but it doesn’t mean that traveling here will always be easy or go the way you had planned. But by reading about your destination before you travel here, you’ll be more prepared for what’s to come. There’s some key things you need to know about Vietnam and they are:

Get a Visa

The first step you need to think of when going to Vietnam. If you don’t have a Vietnam Visa, you’ll be denied entry into the country. Luckily, this process is very easy and you can get one within a few days, even hours if you order an Emergency Visa. You can apply for a Visa on Arrival, which is done online. This is the most preferred option for travelers since it’s so easy, simple and it goes fast. The other option is to go to your nearest Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate and apply with them.

Traffic is crazy

You’ve probably heard this one before but traffic here can be very overwhelming, especially for the people who’ve never been to Asia, or Vietnam, before. There’s thousands of motorbikes, bicycles and cars on the road who all want to arrive to their destination as quickly as possible. When crossing the street, one should never stop. Just walk slowly but you must walk; don’t stop! This’ll only confuse the drivers on the road and you’ll never be able to cross the road.

It’s a great country to be a digital nomad

If you’re working online and need access to good WiFi, Vietnam is one of the best countries to work from. Not only is it also really cheap, so if you’re just starting out and don’t earn a lot, you’ll probably be able to live here still. There’s also lots of co working spaces in the bigger cities such as Hanoi.

Eat street food

Not only is it very cheap, it’s also really tasty. You’ve probably heard that you shouldn’t eat street food, but the street food in Vietnam is usually good and it’s a must-do when you’re traveling around. There’s many times when the street food is tastier than the ones you can find in restaurants.

Be aware of the weather

Which season are you traveling? Is it rain or dry season? Remember that the weather also varies depending on which region you’re traveling in. For example, the south is usually very warm all year round, whereas the north is cold during winter months in Vietnam. It might not be a good idea to plan a beach trip to the north if you’re going this season. However, you can always lay on a beach in the south, but there might be the occasional typhoons. Just be aware of the weather.

Vietnam is bigger than you think

Don’t underestimate the size of Vietnam. It’s bigger than you think and it takes a while to get from A to B. Many times you can fly but if your budget is small you’ll most likely go with the buses, which will take many more hours than flying. Plan your itinerary well if you have limited time.

Haggle well

If you’re not good at haggling, you’ll have a tough time in Vietnam. The locals are pros at this and they usually ask for more than double the price. Be smart, haggle well. If you still think it’s too pricey for you, you’ll probably find that item somewhere else.

Venture outside the mainland

Vietnam has many beautiful islands such as Phu Quoc and the lesser known island Con Dao. For the ones who really want a slice of paradise, head over to the islands and lay on a beach, swim in crystal clear water and enjoy some tasty local cuisine.

It’s cheap but you can still spend a lot here

Yes, most people know Vietnam is dirt cheap and you can get the cheapest beer in the world here. But it doesn’t mean that you won’t spend any money here. It’s easy to spend a lot of money when you think everything’s really cheap, but you might actually spend more than you had imagined in the first place because you’re splurging. Be careful of your budget if you are on a tight one. There’s plenty of ways to enjoy Vietnam without having to spend money too. Walk around, go to the beach or just read a book by a lake. Use your imagination! It’s a beautiful country to travel around in, and it being cheap is definitely one of the perks, so use your time well (and your money!) and enjoy this lovely Southeast Asian country.