Best Things To Do in Mui Ne, Vietnam

Mui Ne region has incredibly gorgeous features and sceneries for tourists to enjoy than before. This is most probably because the region has been blocked by other popular tourists’ regions such as Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi. Well, do not allow yourself to be equally limited to as Mui Ne has exciting and fun experience waiting for you. The fishing town actually has more to offer beyond fishing which includes cycling, swimming, boat riding and more as shown bellow.

1. Quad biking

Quad biking up the Bau Trang sand dunes is something you and your friends will enjoy engaging in during your stay at Mui Ne in Vietnam. The huge white sand dunes found in these regions are very attractive to the eyes besides engaging in quad biking. Making several trips up and down the white sand dunes as a memory worth keeping.

2. Riding within the island and beyond

You can hire a motorcycle to simply ride through the landscapes in the region. It is only then that you will get to discover so much more that is hidden from region’s popular places. Riding deeper into the villages will help you to engage with locals and experience their way of livelihood.

3. Visiting the fish market

Visiting the fishing market will help you to interact with the local fishermen as well as fish vendors and learn about their fishing activities. You will learn more about how the fish, crabs and other sea eatables gets prepared.

4. Relaxing at the fishing harbour

The fish harbour has numerous restaurants and other chilling sports where you can stay and view the fishing activities of the traders. You can also order a meal or two depending on how long you stay that include a freshly prepared Vietnamese fish.

5. Boat riding

Visit the nearby beaches and hope into a hire boat to have fun on top of the waters. The beaches to explore nearby include the Suoi Nuoc and Hon Rom. Beside boat riding, you will also have the opportunity to see the local fishermen activities. Imagine watching the nets being cast and the later how the fish is prepared for later distribution to the market. Isn’t that fun?

6. Trekking along the fairy stream

Trekking is actually an activity not to miss while visiting Mui Ne region. The landscape itself is quite beautiful and too enticing to ignore. Among the ideal places to engage in trekking include the Red Greek of the Fairy Stream (Suoi Tien).

7. Feeding on the seafood

Visiting the beaches in Mui Ne provides the perfect opportunity to eat seafood and other local ingredients. It may be a whole new taste for your liking but in the long run, you will love it.  If in need of some alcoholic drink don’t hesitate to go to the bar and restaurants in the town where they provide all kinds of alcoholics for your taste. The nightclubs are other fun adventure to engage in while in Mui Ne.

8. Watching the sunset and sunrise

Watching the sunset and sunrise can be such a romantic activity to do with your sweetheart during your visit to Mui Ne region on your honeymoon. The colour combination of pink and purple signifying the disappearance of the evening sun is a perfect opportunity to take a selfie together.

9. Kite surfing

Kite surfing activity is a whole game changer for you who love the sport. Mui Ne region offers the perfect conditions to enjoy kite surfing sport. If you are an amateur that’s the time to put your best foot forward and learn.

10. Sliding down the sand dunes

Compared to the white sand dune, the red sand dune is less active and only a few people visit there. If you are someone who does not fancy crowds, then the red sand dunes are ideal places to visit. You can hire the plastic sledges for sledging from the top of the sand dunes down which quite fun and engaging. It’s more fun if you visit with a friend or spouse.