Best Beaches in Vietnam 2019

Over the years, tourism in Vietnam has been growing with an increase in the number of tourists visiting every year. That is because the country has a rich history and widespread natural features which are the major tourists’ attractions. Among the natural features found in various parts of Vietnam include the mountain peaks, lakes, the sand dunes and beaches among others. Vietnam is known to contain a total of 200 beaches situated along its coastline. The country has also made efforts to encourage domestic tourism which has seen the growth of Da Nang and Nha Trang which are coastal cities.

Here are the best beaches in Vietnam

Long Beach, Phu Quoc Island



Phu Quoc Island has many widespread beaches that will spoil anyone visiting of choices to make. However, the most popular one that most tourists prefer Long Beach. You will find the Long beach in the south coast parts of Phu Quoc. The region has even the support of the government which allows a free visa visit to the Island for 30 days for a foreigner. You, therefore, have a worry-free stay on the Island breathing the serene air and enjoying the beach to the fullest.

Mui Ne Beach, Phan Thiet

Mui Ne is located 200 km from the large city of Ho Chi Minh. The region has very beautiful looking beaches with sand displays that create attractive sceneries for tourists. Mui Ne area has a display of white sand dune where you can stop by and engage in quad riding. The beaches lead further to an interesting monument of the Cham kingdom ruins. The cham community has a very peculiar history that has remained a heritage reminder in the history of Vietnamese.

Doc Let beach

Doc Let beach is a paradise that you will be visiting the city of Nha Trang.  Tourists cannot resist the temptation of swimming then lying bare in the beautiful sand display to catch some breath. The beach is safe for visiting with your spouse and you can play games in the sun and later spend an evening watching the sunset. You won’t stay hungry while on the beach as there are plenty of restaurants around serving delicious seafood.

Dai Lanh beach

Dai Lanh beach is small with a spectacular display of the sand and it’s almost in isolation. If you do not like crowded beaches, then Dai Lanh will be ideal to visit and camp for a while. Near the beach, there are several hostel and resorts offering budget accommodation for the visitors who choose to spend in the areas. Dai Lanh beach is less than 100 kilometres from the town of Nha Trang.

Con Dao Islands

Con Dao Island is unexploited natural and very beautiful sceneries for tourists visiting Vietnam. The Island contains the attractive beaches that receive visitors less frequently. Among the beaches found here is the scenic An Hai beach. The Island of Con Dao plays a significant role in the war history of the Vietnamese people at the time of French colonialists. It was the place which held captive, the political prisoners. Away from the history, you do not need to worry about accommodation. That is because there are several resorts nearby that offer the services for visiting tourists.

Beach life is very fun and exciting and Vietnam has a lot of choices for you to pick. You can even decide to visit a different beach every single day just for the fun of it. Remember to be cautious about the sunburns.