10 Best Things To Do in Hoi An, Vietnam

Do you have an admiration for the old architectural designs developed by the ancient Vietnamese dynasties? Or do you wish to experience what it feels like living in one of Vietnam’s oldest towns? Then the ideal thing to do would be to visit Hoi An town. Hoi An has a lot of significance to the ancient history of Vietnam. You will not only see the old architectural designs but also get to enjoy other scenic feature the old town has in store. Engaging in outdoor beach activities, boat trips and shopping are just but some of the excitements at Hoi An town. Let’s look at the 10 best things you can do in Hoi An in Vietnam during your visit.

1. Swimming at the beach

Hoi An town has many widespread beaches for the fact that it’s found in the coast of Vietnam. The beaches are all natural and well maintained and safe for both locals and tourists. Among the popular beaches, you can identify in Hoi An towns are Cua Dai and An Bang. These two beaches have a reputation of being the best and clean with a lot of tourist activities for travellers.

You are free to swim and enjoy the natural breeze around the beach. If you feel hungry take a bit of the sea food found in plenty at the restaurants nearby.

2. Trekking in the countryside of Hoi An 

Do not just confine yourself around the town since you will miss a lot of fun in Hoi An countryside. The rural side of Vietnam is exciting with generous people who practice rice farming. Visiting the countryside will allow to trek the hills and valleys while interacting with nature itself. The rice fields provide a very beautiful scene to view displaying what it means to be a farmer in Hoi An.

3. Shopping for clothes

You cannot resist the urge to do some shopping during your trip and Vietnam will not fall short on this. Hoi An town has a lot of boutiques and other clothe stores fully stocked to satisfy any kind of customer visiting. The cost of clothes varies according to one’s budget. Go ahead and shop for the latest designs for a wardrobe change after that trip.

4. Drinking Hoi An special tea & coffee

The local restaurant in the town of Hoi An usually serves some delicious Vietnamese coffee and you should not let it pass you too. You will find the special coffee at the Tea house. It’s your decision to drink it plain or take some snacks which are readily available.

5. Visiting My Son ruins

Visit My Son ruins without hesitance as the ruins have an interesting history to learn about and it’s also beautiful. The ruins represent the remains of the Hindu temples which were deserted during the ancient times.

6. Wandering in the lantern market

The best time to experience the colourful lantern market is in the night. Traders will be busy selling foodstuffs, jewelries and cloths. You can buy a piece of jewelry or two as a reminder for Hoi Na visit.

7. Relax at Thu Bon River

River Thu Bon has great significance in the growth of Hoi An town as it’s a reliable get way to the wider Vietnam. While at the river you can relax in the restaurants nearby to have a view of the trading activities. You may also engage in some evening cruising activity which is fun and enjoyable.

8. Experience the Hoi An nightlife

Hoi An nightlife is fun and exciting with numerous nightclubs around to visit and have fun. You will experience Vietnamese music, taste the local wine and mingle with the local tribes of Vietnam.

9. Go for a massage

Hoi An town has numerous saloons and massage parlor that gives professional massage services at affordable prices. They are also flexible to accommodate high budget visitors to your satisfaction. Go ahead a get a message from Hoi An town before heading back home.

10. Eat Hoi An food

Hoi An town has widespread restaurants and hotels that provide whole meals for reasonable costs. Ensure to get a good breakfast before setting out to your next destination. That should give you the energy you need most as the days go.