Where to do yoga in Hanoi

There’s many health benefits with doing yoga such as improves your flexibility, perfects your posture, protects your spine and yoga also makes you happier. There’s one study who says that practising yoga consistently will make you less depressed, better your immune function and gives greater levels of happiness. And if you’re having trouble sleeping, yoga can provide relief from the stress you’re feeling, which in order makes you sleep better.

We all know that traveling can be both stressful and harmful for your body. Sleeping in buses, sitting for long hours and running with your heavy backpacks is the reality of many people who are traveling. But there’s ways to help your body feel better, why not practice some yoga!

If you’re going to be in Hanoi for a few days, check out some of these yoga places.

1. Om Hanoi Yoga and Café

Address: 67 Ly Thuong Kiet

As the name says, it’s both a café and a place for yoga. So either you can do yoga first and then go to the café to try some of their tasty vegetarian food, or the other way around. The yoga classes are nothing but incredible, offering everything from ashtanga to vinyasa. All the classes are in English too. Whether you’re a beginner or you’ve practised yoga for a long time, there’s space for everyone here. It’s the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of Hanoi.

2. Moon Yoga

Address: Alley 49, House 8, Hanoi

Another beautiful yoga space with professional instructors and nice facilities. The instructors will make sure that each and everyone feels comfortable in their classes, they’ll help you improve your yoga poses and teach you new ones. They also do acro yoga here. Make sure to contact them beforehand to see if they have space since it’s a very popular yoga place, and it might be full if you don’t reserve a spot.

3. The Fitness Village

Address: 68, Alley 50, Lane 310, Nghi Tam Street, Tay Ho District, Hanoi

Unlike the other two, this is not just a place for practising yoga. In fact, they offer classes such as zumba, pump, spin, toning and also, yoga. They have a gym facility as well, if you feel like working out on your own. It’s a fantastic fitness place and has very reasonable prices. You can also get a six month or one year discount pass, if you decide to stay in Hanoi for a longer time. Fitness village is like a little oasis away from the busy streets of Hanoi, making it the perfect place to come work out and relax your body and mind.

4. Om Factory Hanoi

Address: 135-137 Bui Thi Xuan Street, 5th Floor, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi

With their knowledgeable and friendly staff, you are always welcome to come whenever they’re open to practise yoga. The yoga teachers comes from both Vietnam, India and the US. They will help you with whatever you need and will make you feel relaxed as soon as you step in to their space. The facilities are bright, open and inviting, making it one of the best places to practice yoga in Hanoi.

5. Zenith Yoga Au Co

Address : 1st & 2nd Flr, Westlake Suite Building. No, 275 Âu Cơ, Quảng An, Tây Hồ, Hà Nội

This widely popular yoga place is located ideally inside the Westlake Suites Buildings. Besides offering yoga classes, they also have a café on the 1st floor, where you can eat healthy, vegan food, and fruit juices. You will be led by professional yoga teachers who does classes in both Vietnamese and English. This place is especially popular amongst foreigners, but you’ll also meet the occasional local who comes here. Even if you don’t want to do yoga, at least come here for the food. It’s the ideal place for vegetarians who wants to enjoy a healthy, flavorful meal, with both traditional dishes and Western.

Yoga is indeed, one of the best practices to do regardless if you’re feeling stressed, your back hurts, you have trouble sleeping or simply because you want to move your body. And it’s especially nice after a long day of walking around the city, it’s always nice to escape into a quiet, peaceful setting and release your tensions. If you do decide to try out one, or more, of these yoga studios, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what even one session of yoga can do to you. And your body will thank you for it and your mind as well.

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