The best bakeries in Ho Chi Minh City

Walking around the city of Ho Chi Minh, it’s hard not to smell the taste of freshly baked bread coming out of one of the many bakeries that can be found here. Although the French left years ago, some of their influence has stayed and you can see that in the Vietnamese cuisine and their love for pastries. If you also have a sweet tooth, check out the best bakeries in Ho Chi Minh City.

ABC Bakery & Café

This bakery is one of the most well known and beloved places for locals to get their sweet fix. Most of them only cost about 20,000-40,000 VND which estimates about 1-2 US dollars, so you can try more than one thing in this dessert heaven. There’s mostly European baked goods here, so if you’re in the mood for doughnuts, cheesecakes, croissants and danishes, you should make a pit stop here. It’s situated in the heart of District 1.

Fly Cupcake Garden Café

This cute little café is a must-visit when you’re in Ho Chi Minh City. Not only is the ambiance cozy and friendly, they also serve some delicious cupcakes, just as the name suggests. The name Fly actually has another meaning to it. It stands for “Forever Love You”, and you will indeed, forever love this place once you’ve taken a bite out of their sweet cupcakes. You’ll have to remember to bring your camera here to take a photo of your pastry before you eat it – they’re usually very adorably decorated and cute to look at. It’s a chic, charming and delightful place where you can sit for hours. Escape the city’s hustle and bustle and come to Fly Cupcake Garden Café.

Paul Bakery Vietnam

It’s one of the more upscale bakeries in town which serves both as a bakery and a restaurant. They have a wide selection of fine desserts and a tasty menu, if you crave something savory. It opened in early 2017 so it’s one of the new places in town. The restaurant is both elegant and charming, with a European feel to it. Although the prices are a bit more expensive here, it’s really worth it because the dishes and sweet treats holds a very high quality. You’ll thank yourself for coming here.

Saint Honoré Saigon

Another French patisserie and bakery that has taken Vietnam by storm with their delicious desserts. Come here early morning to have either a traditional French breakfast or an American one. If you can’t make it for breakfast, they also have a lunch and dinner menu which is just as tasty. But don’t forget to make room for the desserts though; you can never have too many cakes, scones, tarts and croissants.

Sweet & Sour Bakery

One of the loveliest bakeries in the city is Sweet & Sour Bakery, which is an expat favourite. You’ll most likely see travelers, expats and locals alike enjoying sweets here. One of their specialties are their cupcakes that comes in many flavors such as lime coconut, vanilla and salted caramel, to name a few. Top it off with their amazing filtered coffee with ice and condensed milk. It’ll be difficult for you to not come back to this sweet bakery and try all of their cupcakes.

Charm Bakery

Step inside this bakery for some of the city’s best banh mi’s, a Vietnamese style baguette which is filled with all kinds of delicious things such as meat, vegetables, paté, egg, hot sauce, you name it. The choice is yours! Their baguettes are baked in a perfectly soft way, with just the right amount of crunch to it. You can come here for breakfast, tea, a strong cup of Vietnamese coffee and why not try one of their baked goods to go with your beverage.

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