Being a digital nomad in Phu Quoc

The number one question that digital nomads always ask when traveling to a new place is: Is the WiFi good? This is especially crucial if you have a deadline to meet or need to have online meetings with an important client. Everyone knows that internet can be bad when you’re going somewhere remote, like an island. But if you’re a digital nomad and traveling to Phu Quoc, you can be rest assured that it’s actually one of the best places to travel in Vietnam as a digital nomad.

Phu Quoc is made up of 28 islands and most of them are uninhabited. This paradise island has recently become a popular tourist and local getaway. It’s especially popular for the locals in Ho Chi Minh City, who wants to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Vietnam’s biggest island offers pristine beaches with turquoise water, 150 kilometres of white sand coast and a year-round heat, so you can enjoy the beaches any time of the year. Doesn’t it sound quite ideal?

If you want to take part of this slice of paradise, you can either fly from Ho Chi Minh City or go with a ferry from Ha Tien. They depart every day but since it’s quite a popular destination, you might want to book tickets in advance to make sure that you get a spot on the day you want to go.

For all the digital nomads traveling to Phu Quoc, rest assure – there IS good WiFi on the island. In fact, there’s 4G signal throughout the island and plenty of cafés and hotels offer WiFi, so you can work easily. Although the internet might be as fast as on the mainland, you’ll still be able to work normally. There’s also some nice cafés you can sit and work at, such as “Buddy Café” for example. This café is centrally located and serves some really good coffee. Other noteworthy cafés that you should visit if you want to work from your computer is:

The Embassy

Besides being a café, it also serves as a cocktail bar, so if you want to enjoy a drink or two, you can get it here after a day of working hard. But if you want to enjoy something while working, you should try their tasty chocolate cakes and milkshakes. The atmosphere is cozy, with a European twist (it is owned by a Swede), and is one of the most popular cafés to go to. But you’ll still manage to get a table and once seated, you can sit there for hours. Don’t forget to try the Vietnamese coffee as well, one of the best in the island, which will give you a little kick so you can work longer.

Buddys Ice Cream

As the name says, the place is most famous for its ice cream, but it’s not everything that this place serves. If you’ve gotten tired of the Vietnamese food and crave something western, you can get sandwiches, burgers, American breakfast and of course, really good ice cream here. They also offer free WiFi so bring your computer here while you’re snacking away.

But if you would prefer to not spend money every time you want to work, make sure to book an accommodation where you can sit and work. There’s a few resorts on the island but also more low budget choices such as hostels. One of the best hostels to stay in is 9 Station Hostel, which is just 5 km away from the International Airport. You only need to walk a few minutes to get to the beach as well, which is a big plus with this accommodation. But it’s the fresh facilities and their charming and cozy spaces that makes this hostel the number one place to stay as a digital nomad. Not only will you feel inspired to work here, but you can also eat and drink here, so you don’t have to waste any of your time going to a restaurant outside. It’s a social hostel as well, but when the other guests are relaxing on the beach, you’ll most likely get lounge all to yourself.

The prices on the island are a bit higher than in mainland, but you can still get food and drinks for a really good price. It all depends on where you go – if you choose to check in to a 5 star resort and only eat at high-end restaurants, then you’ll have to be prepared to spend a lot. But there’s local restaurants where you can taste some delicious seafood for a really good price and hostel, such as the 9 Station Hostel, where prices start at about 8 USD per night.

So, if you’re looking for a place where you can both relax on white sand beaches, yet still be able to work and meet your deadlines, Phu Quoc island is most definitely a place where you can mix both business and leisure.

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