Beaches in the North of Vietnam

If you only have a limited amount of time and can only travel in the north of Vietnam, you’ll be happy to know that you’ll still have plenty of beach opportunities here as well. Although most of Vietnam’s beaches is located in the mid and south of Vietnam, there’s some stunning ones in the north as well. They’re often overlooked by tourists who saves their beach days for the south, but the beaches in the north deserves more recognition.

However, note that the weather in the north of Vietnam differs a lot from the south. Especially during the cold months, from November to April. The average temperature is between 17-22 C during the day, but gets colder at night. However, if you do go during summer, you will most likely experience some heavy rainfall, since the rainy season starts then. So if you do want to lay on a beach in the north of Vietnam, your best bet is to go either during spring, summer (if you can tolerate the heat) or beginning of autumn. The winter months are usually too cold to be outside, especially in a bikini.

If you’re heading to the north of Vietnam, make sure to check out some of these beaches and enjoy everything that this region has to offer!

1. Cat Ba

The biggest island of Halong Bay has attracted a lot of tourists in the past years. The island has some of the most pristine beaches of Vietnam, with white sand, crystal clear water and a fantastic mountain backdrop. When you get tired of lying on the beach, you can also go hiking to the top and see the island from above. Quite the spectacular view!

In the town of Cat Ba, you have three beaches close to each other which you can access by motorbike or by even walking. The three beaches are called: Cat Co 1, Cat Co 2 and Cat Co 3. Easy to remember, in other words. If you wish to stay here for the night, there’s plenty of resorts to choose from as well. This is by far one of the most popular beach places in the north of Vietnam, but also one of the most beautiful and mesmerising.

2. Do Son

Located close to Hai Phong City, you have Do Son Beach, which is particularly popular amongst locals. Although it might not be as beautiful as Cat Ba, it’s much more easily accessible than the island. You can just take your motorbike from Hai Phong – it’s only 20 km away. When the French was in Vietnam during the 19th century, they turned Do Son into a summer resort. It used to be exclusively for royals, but is now open to the public. The beach is divided into 3 sectors: the first is by the entrance, the second is where the restaurants and hotels are, and the third is the more calm and quiet area.

3. Bai Chay Beach

This very popular beach is located about 100 km northeast of Hanoi. Here you can enjoy canoeing, surfing and jet skiing on this 100 metre long sandbank. When you’re hungry, there’s tons of great seafood restaurants to choose from and also beach resorts, if you’d like to stay for the night. Don’t miss out on the Halong Night Market, which is opened daily from 18:00 until 2230.

4. Tuan Chau Beach

What’s really fascinating about this beach is that the sand here is actually artificial. This doesn’t make it any less great though, since the water is clean and calm so you can swim. But Tuan Chau has more than just a beach – you can also enjoy artificial springs, botanical gardens, waterfalls, sports complexes and high-end restaurants. If you wish to stay here for the night, you can choose from some luxury resorts to more budget friendly ones.

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