7 reasons why you should visit Nam Du Island

If this is the first time you’re hearing about Nam Du Island, don’t fret – a lot of people haven’t heard of it until now! In fact, it’s an up-and-coming tourist spot in Vietnam that is just being discovered. Located just about 40 km away from famous Phu Quoc Island is this untouched archipelago with 21 islands. You get to Nam Du Island by taking a speedboat from Rach Gia and the roundtrip fare will cost you about 440,000 VND. Note that prices may change.

The pace of life is slower here, more relaxed with a chill ambiance. If you like seafood, you’re in luck, since they have some of the best seafood here. The island promises days where you can just sit back and do… absolutely nothing! Escape the stressful city life in the mainland and visit Nam Du Island. However, if you’re looking for a place with good nightlife, full of bars and clubs, this is not the place for you. The island has a few beach bars and resorts you can go to, but you won’t find any wild parties here.

If you’re hesitating about coming here, you should take a look at this list of 5 reasons why you should visit Nam Du Island:

1. The accessibility

Unlike Con Dao Islands, you don’t need to take a flight to get here. It’s actually quite accessible for an island – just take the speedboat and you’ll be there in no time.  There’s really no excuse to not visit this island.

2. The untouched beaches

If you’re coming here, you’re probably coming mostly for the beaches. Not only are the beaches here unspoilt, they’re also incredibly beautiful, offering white sand and crystal clear water. The atmosphere here is more calm, more relaxed, and if you’ve been feeling stressed lately or want to go somewhere undisturbed, the beaches of Nam Du Island is the place to be. You can swim as much as you want to here as well, since the waters are calm and peaceful.

3. Camping is allowed and encouraged

Imagine waking up and going to bed on a beach, listening to the sound of waves, being able to see both the sunrise and sunset in your favourite beach – it’s all possible here in  Nam Du Island! Camping isn’t always a fun ordeal since it can be tricky to find places where you’re actually allowed to camp. But in Nam Du Island, it’s actually encouraged to go camping in the wild beaches.

4. Coastal road

Rent a motorbike here and ride along the coastal roads for some breathtaking views of Nam Du Island. You’ll find the roads to be quite well-maintained and empty. There’s also several pit stops to get a panoramic view over the island.

5. Snorkelling

Take the opportunity to snorkel in one of Vietnam’s best snorkeling pots, where you can see colorful reefs. This fun activity is perfect to do as a day trip.

6. A hidden gem

Although tourism is bound to pick up sometime in the future, today Nam Du Islands is still quite the unspoilt tourist destination. If you’re looking for a more quiet place with less tourists, a place which has kept its authenticity and where you can find secluded beaches, this is the perfect spot for you. Make sure to visit Nam Du Island before it’s no longer a hidden gem!

7. The friendly locals

A place is just as good as the people, they say. And Nam Du Island has some of the most friendly and welcoming locals in the country. The Vietnamese on this island is still trying to adapt to the growing tourism, but they’re mostly curious and want to learn more about the outside world. You’ll find that island people are usually more relaxed and easy going than the ones in the city.

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