Where to Drink Good Coffee in Vietnam

If you’re a coffee lover, then Vietnam should be on top of your travel bucket list. In case you didn’t know, Vietnam is known for its excellent coffee culture. As a matter of fact, the country’s major source of income is coffee production. When you’re in Vietnam, you’ll definitely enjoy smelling the amazing aroma of coffee all over the streets, especially in big cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, where a wide variety of coffee places can be found.

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Giang Café, Hanoi

Don't forget to try "egg coffee" when you are in Hanoi
Don’t forget to try “egg coffee” when you are in Hanoi

This charming cafe is located inside a narrow street of the Old Quarter of Hanoi. It’s famous for serving the Vietnamese egg coffee, which tastes just like a tiramisu. You’ll find several other places serving egg coffees in Hanoi but the Giang Cafe is the authentic one because this is where the egg coffee was invented. During the French colonial period when milk was in scarcity, the owner of the cafe decided to use egg yolk instead and this is how the egg coffee was born!

It might take a bit of an effort to reach this place since it’s located in a hidden corner of a small alley, but it’s definitely worth a visit. The cafe enjoys a homey and relaxing ambiance, a perfect place to relax after a whole day of exploring the city.

Cafe Pho Co, Hanoi

People drink coffee in side walk in Hanoi Old Quarter
People drink coffee in side walk in Hanoi Old Quarter

Located along the Old Quarter of Hanoi, Cafe Pho Co offers a wide range of delicious Vietnamese coffee blends suitable to different tastes. Their coffees are made from the freshest coffee beans that were brewed to perfection to create delectable cups of coffee with a strong and flavorful aroma.

Tucked within the charming rustic buildings of the Old Quarter, the cafe is often filled with coffee lovers enjoying a delicious cup of coffee. You can also choose to enjoy your coffee on the rooftop, which opens up to the picturesque views of the famous Hoan Kiem Lake.

Cafe Lam, Hanoi

Café Lâm – 60 Nguyễn Hữu Huân, Hanoi
Café Lâm – 60 Nguyễn Hữu Huân, Hanoi

Cafe Lam is another popular cafe in Hanoi serving delicious Vietnamese coffee, including the famous egg coffee. As one of the oldest cafes in Hanoi, this cafe is housed in an old building that dates back to the year 1956. In fact, this cafe opened during the most historic time of Vietnam, when the country’s independence was declared.

The charming atmosphere of the coffee shop is complemented by a unique collection of antique pieces, rare books, and other fascinating art collections. If you want to enjoy a good cup of Vietnamese coffee while learning a bit about Vietnam’s culture and history, then this is the place to be.

42 Cafe, Ho Chi Minh

42 Cafe, Ho Chi Minh
42 Cafe, Ho Chi Minh

This coffee shop is located on the border of Ho Chi Minh’s District 1 and 3. Known for serving coffees in a traditional Vietnamese drip filter alongside a glass of green tea, this coffee shop is definitely the best place to enjoy a traditional Vietnamese coffee. The coffee shop has a small courtyard that’s often full of Vietnamese local men enjoying a cup of fragrant coffees.

Upstairs, there are plenty of comfy chairs arranged behind a large window overlooking the city of Ho Chi Minh. The smoking area upstairs might discourage others, but for the view, and with a delicious cup of coffee on your hand, it’s definitely worth checking out.

L’Usine, Ho Chi Minh

L’Usine, Ho Chi Minh
L’Usine, Ho Chi Minh

This is a chic boutique cafe in Saigon that serves the most delicious Italian coffee. It might be a shame to be drinking cappuccinos and lattes in Vietnam in favor of the delicious Vietnamese coffee, but just in case you find yourself craving for Italian coffees, then this is the best place to visit. Of course, they do serve a good selection of Vietnamese coffees, as well.

This coffee shop is housed in a beautiful whitewashed building and doubles as a fashion boutique. They are also known for serving delicious croissants, cakes, and other pastries that are a perfect accompaniment to your delicious cup of coffee.

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