Apply Vietnam Visa online (Vietnam e-visa) for Peruvian citizens

Southeast Asia has been a hot spot for many backpackers, travelers and expats during the last years. Thailand’s tourism flourished after the movie “The Beach” with Leonardo DiCaprio, and all of a sudden everyone were traveling there. But Vietnam isn’t far behind – it’s catching up to its neighbor fast. More and more travelers from all over the world are starting to travel to Vietnam. The country has mountains, beaches, big cities, charming towns, a fascinating culture, delicious cuisine, UNESCO World Heritage Sites and islands with big stretches of sand beaches. If this is your idea of a good vacation, then you will love Vietnam.

But before you start packing and booking the flight ticket, you will need to get a Vietnam visa as a Peruvian citizen. There are three options for you to acquire a visa: you either apply for an E-visa, Visa on Arrival (VOA) or go to the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate to get your visa in order to enter Vietnam.

1. Electronic Visa or Vietnam E-Visa for Peruvian passport holders 

A sample of an eVisa Vietnam
A sample of an eVisa Vietnam

This is an actual visa which will be issued electronically, and you can show it at the passport control when you are entering Vietnam. You don’t need to stop by the landing visa desk to pick up the actual visa as you would have to with a “Visa on Arrival” (VOA). The fee for your e-visa at the official website ( is low and is non-refundable if rejected or failed. There is, however, an opportunity to get a 100% Money Back Guarantee policy through our website ( – the price is higher with this insurance though, but can very well be worth it. The E-Visa is really easy to apply to and it allows travelers to apply directly online. It also allows you to enter Vietnam via airports, land ports and seaports. So if you are planning on coming to Vietnam by cruise ship, road or airplane, this is a good choice.

The E-visa is valid for 30 days, single entry, which means that if you intend on staying for longer and wish to have a multiple-entries visa, you will have to apply for a Visa on Arrival.

2. Visa on Arrival – Apply online for pre-approval then pick up your visa on arrival at the airport of Vietnam 

Getting visa on arrival Vietnam at Da Nang Int'l airport in Da Nang city
Getting visa on arrival Vietnam at Da Nang Int’l airport in Da Nang city

This option is preferred by many foreigners who comes to Vietnam. It is easy to apply to, convenient, quick and it saves you time. You can also apply for the “Visa on Arrival” from anywhere in the world. You just need your computer and internet. If you apply for this visa, you are allowed to enter Vietnam through any of the 5 international airports: Da Nang, Khanh Hoa, Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and Hai Phong. You can only travel by air if you get a VOA, meaning you can’t enter Vietnam by bus, car, et cetera.

The process of “Visa on Arrival” is easy. You only need to fill out the Online Application form where you state your date of birth, and other information. Then you wait for a confirmation letter that will come in around 1-2 working hours. Normally you will receive a visa approval letter within 2 working days. When the letter comes, don’t forget to print it out so the immigration officers in Vietnam can stamp your passport. If by chance you need to get an emergency visa, it will cost you more money, but you will be able to get it faster. It will take from 30 minutes to 4 hours.

3. Apply for a visa through the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate in the nearby countries of Peru


The second option is to apply for a visa in the Vietnamese Embassy in Peru. The reason why this option isn’t recommended is because if you don’t live close to the embassy, it’s not so convenient. It means you will have to spend time on transportation and money. You will also need to remember to bring all the necessary documents, such as passport, and if you by any chance forget anything, you need to start all over again with the process. It is time consuming and you usually need to pick up your passport in the embassy. However, this is one of the choices that you can choose from, so if you happen to prefer this option, then it is good to know that it exists.

When you have your visa stamped and ready, you can enter the country and start your journey. Vietnam has charmed many people with its beauty and it helps a lot that it’s a very affordable country to travel around in as well. Perhaps that’s why so many people choose to stay for a longer period of time. And who knows – maybe you will be one of them.

A tourist doing yoga at the beach of Vietnam
A tourist doing yoga at the beach of Vietnam

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